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Montana Freemason  April 2016  Volume 92 Number 3

Proponent’s Explanation of Resolution No. 2016-01:
The Board of Trustees of the Masonic Home Corp., are elected by Grand Lodge at the Annual Communication
and are therefore accountable to Grand Lodge. When it was created in 2000, the Board of Trustees of the
Masonic Home Foundation Inc., were selected by the Board of Trustees of the Masonic Home Corp.,
making them indirectly accountable to Grand Lodge. The action taken by the MH Foundation Inc., on
February 13, 2015, to amend their Articles of Incorporation, makes the MH Foundation Inc., Board of
Trustees unaccountable to Grand Lodge. This action allows the MH Foundation Inc., to select their own
Board of Trustees. These amendments also removed wordage in Article #5 Purposes Section (a) which
stated; “Specifically, the Corporation shall be operated, supervised, or controlled by the Masonic Home of
Montana,”. The removal of this section in Article #5 currently allows the MH Foundation Inc., to donate
to or support any charitable organization they so choose, and not specifically the Masonic Home. The MH
Foundation Inc., was created in 2000 to hold and manage the investment assets of the Masonic Home to
safeguard the funds in the event that a lawsuit was filed on the Masonic Home. The MH Foundation Inc.,
manages approximately $1.2 million in funds, which have been contributed over the last 100 years by
Grand Lodge, individual Masonic Lodges, and Masons in Montana.

Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
This resolution does not seek to amend any section of the Grand Lodge Constitution or Code, but rather
directs Grand Lodge to require the Montana Masonic Home Foundation Board of Trustees to amend its
Articles of Incorporation.
Since Resolution R-2016-02 does not seek to amend the Constitution or Code it needs only a simple
majority (50% + 1) of the eligible voting members of Grand Lodge to pass.

                Lower Yellow Stone Lodge #90 FC Degree for Jeremy Reese

Lower Yellowstone Lodge #90 Passed Brother Jeremy Reese to the degree of Fellowcraft Wednesday
evening April, 6, 2016. Pictured are the installing officers and candidate for the degree work, as
well as our District Grand Lodge Officer Jeff Harada and Roger Stout. RWDGM of North Dakota.

Back Row – Left to Right: Jim Beagle; Jon Skinner; Craig Averett - Worshipful Master.
Middle Row – Left to Right:Lance Averett; Phil Johnson; Colton Moran; Robert Goss.; Don Stambaugh.
Front Row – Left to Right: Russ Huotari; Jeff Harada,JGW; Jeremy Reese - Fellowcraft Candidate; John
Beagle; Roger Stout - RWDGM - North Dakota.

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