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Greetings from the Grand Master

                                  October’s issue of our  our members and non-members alike.  Our St’s John Day
                                the Montana Freemason  Observance is celebrated in January, this presents another
                                magazine, contains a Survey  excellent opportunity for the Lodge for education and
                                Form about the Annual  celebrating with the members of your Lodge, remember
                                Communication,I encourage  your District Officer works for you and is  available to
                                you to complete the survey  assist.
                                and return it to the Grand
                                Lodge Office as soon as     As I have traveled throughout  Montana visiting lodges
                                possible. The survey is also  and the district meetings of instruction, or visiting other
                                available at the Grand Lodge  Grand Jurisdictions in the U.S. and Canada, or England
                                Website and in GrandView  for the Tercentenary Celebration.  I am reminded when
                                in the Forms section.     we meet we meet on the level what a powerful reminder
                                  Our new membership  that is of our Masonic heritage and teachings. To meet
                                program “GrandView”  has  on the level means more than just the common physical
        been updated and has available for download the various  plane upon which we stand. Though it represents equality
        Grand Lodge of Montana Forms and Documents. The  among the brothers, it does not mean that we are all of the
        various forms and documents used to be available at the  same heritage, color, creed, religion or political persuasion.
        Gand Lodge Website have been migrated to the “Forms”  With Masonic equality, we each retain our individual
        section of GrandView for greater ease of access and greater  characteristics and religious beliefs while sharing with
        online security.                                  our brothers a unifying belief in a Grand Architect of the
         Masonic Education continues to be our focus, remember   From the beginning of the Grand Lodge era of Masonry
        when we bring a new man into Masonry, we owe it to him to  in 1717, we have practiced religious tolerance as a principle
        educate him about the lessons contained in our ritual and  that has had a profound influence on our society and its
        the principles and teachings of our Fraternity. This can be  formation. The strength of our organization is that men
        accomplished one-on-one by assigning a mentor to each  with diverse faiths can meet and enjoy brotherhood with
        new candidate. The mentor’s responsibility is to make the  other men and not have a diversity of beliefs divide them.
        new brother welcome in the lodge, to sit with him in the  Meeting on the level mandates us to look for the shared
        lodge, and to teach him the protocol and courtesies used  values that unite us with our brothers. Meeting on the
        in the lodge that has become second nature to most of us.  level with men from diverse religious beliefs is the product
        The mentor also must keep the new Mason informed of  of practicing religious tolerance. Religious tolerance
        lodge activities for both him and his family, and determine  is and has been for years the hallmark of Masonry. As
        his interests and capabilities so the Worshipful Master can  we approach this Christmas season, remember that Jesus
        be advised on how best to involve the new brother in lodge  taught that the love of God was inclusive and not exclusive.
        activities and utilize his talents. If you believe that you  He ministered to Jews and Gentiles alike. Masonry likewise
        can do this, please tell your Worshipful Master that you  includes men of many religious beliefs - whether Jewish,
        would volunteer to be a mentor. The mentor should not be  Muslim, Buddhist, or Christian. As Freemasons we unite
        confused with the coach. The coach’s responsibility is to  as brothers, regardless of religious differences, this is our
        teach the new Mason his proficiency, either one-on-one or  fraternity’s strength and should continue to be an example
        in a class setting. While some Masons are capable of being  for the rest of the world. Brothers, the 25th of December
        both mentor and coach, there is no objection to having  is an important date for Christianity but remember with
        two Masons fill these responsibilities to the new Mason.  equal sincerity and respect a Mason can offer Merry
        An excellent resource available is the Masonic Mentoring  Christmas, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings, Happy
        brochure published by the Masonic Service Association  Hanukkah, Happy Eid Milad un Nabi, Happy Bodhi Day!
        that, in simple, understandable words, establishes a sound
        mentoring program for any Lodge. Masonic Mentoring   This Masonic year started at the close to the summer
        explains: Who should be a mentor, What a mentor does,  solstice and the approaching winter solstice signals that
        What new members expect, and Tips for being successful.  we are halfway through our journey for this year.  This
        It is perfect to assist any Lodge candidate-counseling  annual cyclic event has many meanings. For me, it marks
        program, or any new member orientation effort.    the opportunity to meet with many more of you before
                                                          the next summer solstice.
         Also, we must give the new Masons reasons to continue
        attending lodge meetings. Does your lodge have a program   I cannot express how humbled and honored I am to have
        for every meeting, or at least every other meeting? This  received the DeMolay Legion of Honor. I encourage every
        program can consist of Masonic education, such as a  Mason to participate with or attend DeMolay, Rainbow
        discussion of the meaning of our obligations. Lodge  or Job’s Daughters events; you will have the time of your
        officers must make it worthwhile for their members to  life, and you can receive just as much light  from our
        attend the meetings.  The Lodge Instructor and your  Masonic Youth  groups as the concordant bodies. Finally,
        District Officer are available to assist and should be called  please make plans to meet me in Sidney for our    nd
        upon for Masonic Education. Education is a fundamental  Annual Communication.
        component of improving ourselves and our lodges and
        allows us to communicate the values of Freemasonry to   Jerry Anderson, Grand Master
       3DJH                                          “Leadership is about submission to duty, Not elevation to power.”
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