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Behind This Door
Lies A Treasure Trove

       Of Historic
  Montana Artifacts

                                                             Meriwether Lewis’ Masonic
                                                             Apron, which he carried
                                                             on the Corps of Discovery
                                                             trek across the country, is
                                                             displayed along with two
                                                             paintings depicting the first
                                                             Masonic meeting in the
                                                             Territory, now the State of

                                                                                           This British drum with its
                                                                                         original drum sticks was played
                                                                                         in both the Revolutionary and
                                                                                         Civil Wars.

The Montana Masonic Foundation                                   The Grand Masters’ Lion Paw
        Invites You To Explore                               signet ring is made of gold mined
        Our All New Expanded                                 at Alder Gulch, Virginia City,
                  Museum                                     Montana in 1887 by Samuel
                                                             Word who was one of the first
                                                             lawyers admitted to practice in
                                                             Montana on December 4, 1864.

                                                              These are but a few of the treasures waiting for you
                                                             to discover at the site of one of Helena’s first gold

  442255NNPPaarrkkAAvveennuuee HHeelleennaa,,MMoonnttaannaa  Call for more information: 406 442-7774
          440066 444422--77777744

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