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Montana Freemason  March 2016                   Volume 92 Number 2

    William N. Baldwin, was a Bookkeeper            James H. Moe, was Register U.S.Land
with the Northern Pacific Railroad, who later   Office. from 1875-1879. He owned Banks in
served as County Treasurer. He was a member     White Sulphur Springs and Lewistown. He was
of Helena Lodge No. 3.                          a member of Diamond City Lodge No. 7 and
                                                Lewistown No. 37 where he served as Master
    Daniel Dellinger, was an Attorney in both   in 1890.
Deer Lodge and Butte. He was a member of
Deer Lodge No. 14 and Butte No. 22.                 Henry Cowden, was Miner in Helena area.
                                                He served as Master of Morning Star No.
    John C. Major, was Carpenter and Surveyor,  5 in 1882. For many years he was the Tyler
later served as City Marshal for Helena and     (doorkeeper) of Lodges in Helena.
Street Commissioner. He was a member of
Morning Star Lodge No. 5 and served as Master
in 1880, he served as Junior Grand Warden in

First Scottish Rite Class in the Montana Territory, May 15 1881

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