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Semi-Centennial Celebration, September 1, 1916
                                        Sol Star

   I bear witness that this to me familiar                              zeal. On the 13th day of October 1883,
Virginia City was the place in which the                               surrounded by family and friends in
Organization took place. I am familiar                                 the State of Illinois he answered the
with many faces now resident of the good                               summons from him on high.
old city wherein I first cast my lot and
where I so much kind and friendly aid                                      Lander W. Frary, better known as the
and good counsel that enabled me to so                                 Dentist, came to Montana well equipped
live that the teachings of the good order                              with Masonic Law, having previous
presented charms to me by which I was                                  to his coming presided as Master over
induced to become a member and thus in the month          several subordinate lodges in several different states.
of October 1865, I commenced to lay the corner            His ability as presiding officer, his loyalty and fealty
stone for my Masonic career, and never rested until       to the order was soon recognized by being elevated
I had been honored with the office of Grand Master        to the honored position of Grand Master of Masons
and thus continued on ever mindful of my duty to          in Montana. He was a very appreciative worker in
the order.                                                the cause and office he assumed. In the year 1911 on
                                                          the 24th day of October he at the good old age of 86
   I now return to you to be present at this fiftieth     years, laid down to rest from his labors.
anniversary and crowned with the highest honors
in the order, that of the 33d, of which I became a           Wilbur F. Sanders, the Brilliant Advocate, the
member in the year 1903, and admitting that many          Forensic Orator whose eloquent tongue forced
faces, buildings, streets, signs, business houses,        attention, whose fearlessness was favorably
etc., look familiarly pleasant to me but where may        commended even by those whom he felt it necessary
I enquire are those comrades of my days of youth,         to oppose. With all his earnestness there was no
where is Jackie Hull, Dr. Frary, Col. Sanders, N. P.      bitterness that rankled after debate had ceased. As
Langford, Judges Hedges, Judge Weston and Major           a protector and defender of both Masonic and civic
Boyce, all of whom were my predecessors.                  law he was never denied unrivaled ability. He won
                                                          his honors as Grand Master of Masons in Montana
   Words can but feebly express the awe, the              through loyalty, bravery and wisdom. The light
reverence, the emotion which I feel on returning to       of life was extinguished on 7th day of July, 1905.
this Hallowed spot, this home of my early Masonic         Our admiration for the departed Brother was based
career, this the Cradle of Masonry in Montana.            on the effectiveness in which he wrought in the
Cold indeed must be the heart whose pulsations            development and support of our honored Order. His
would not be quickened on returning after a lapse         reward is earned, it is but the vase that is shattered,
of more than forty years, to scenes of my Masonic         the perfume of his memory will linger always. His
youth, to scenes venerable with Masonic history,          eyes have been closed in the everlasting sleep, we
to scenes Hallowed with Masonic activities of our         may proudly say of him “Well done thou good and
Illustrious Dead, whose names are inscribed high          faithful servant.”
on the escutcheon of our order.
                                                             Brother Nathaniel P. Langford, the fourth Grand
   Our Early Grand Masters                                Master of Masons in Montana brought to the office
                                                          accomplishments, culture, refinement, natural gift,
   John J. Hull, who not only enjoyed the enviable        force of character, and ability to meet emergencies,
distinction of actively assisting in the organization     that compare favorably with any of his illustrious
of the first Grand Lodge of Montana, but being            predecessors. His narration of the early struggles
chosen our first Grand Master, recognizing his            and triumphs of Masonry in Montana constitutes for
ability his integrity and his devotion to the principles  him an everlasting monument and priceless legacy.
of our order was chosen to that exalted position for      Always found laboring zealously and battling
two successive terms, and again in civic life he was      mightily for law, peace, and order. On the 18th day
appointed very early in the annuals of Montana its        of October, 1911, he laid down the gavel and square,
Territorial Treasurer and in that position he also        and bowed to the will of Him on High.
discharged its duties with freedom, fervency and

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