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Montana Freemason  March 2016                      Volume 92 Number 2

Mason made within the limits of our present          Helena City Lodge U. D. - The
state. The Lodge ceased to exist June 23,          Dispensation for this Lodge was granted by
1864, though it was actually voted a Charter       the Grand Master of Colorado soon after that
by the Grand Lodge of Nebraska as Idaho            for Montana Lodge U. D. It named Cornelius
No. 10. However, it never worked under its         Hedges, W. M.; Joel Wilson, S. W.; Lewis
Charter, only under its dispensation. We have      Behm, J. W.; and the first meeting was held
its record book in our Grand Lodge archives.       under dispensation on July 10th, 1865. It was
                                                   Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Colorado as
  Virginia City Lodge U. D. - The Grand            Helena City Lodge No. 10 on November 7th,
Master of Kansas on December 7, 1863,              1865. Thus originated our present Helena
granted a Dispensation to Paris S. Pfouts as       Lodge No. 3.
W. M. and “the requisite number of brethren
to open a lodge.” at Virginia City, Montana          The Grand Lodge of Montana, was
Territory. A Charter was voted it by the           Organized on January 24th - 29th, 1866,
Grand Lodge of Kansas on December 20th,            with delegates from, Virginia City No. 43,
1864, as Virginia City No. 43. Its first officers  Montana No. 9 and Helena City No. 10,
were Paris S. Pfouts, W. M.; J. M. Fox, S.         the first on the Kansas roll and the other
W.; Henry Mittnacht, J. W.; and Alex Davis,        two from Colorado, met and organized our
Secretary.                                         present Grand Lodge, from which Charters
                                                   have been issued for all subsequent Lodges
  Its returns for the first year showed 49         as shown in our yearly proceedings.
members. J. J. Hull was the Senior Deacon,
afterwards First Grand Master of Montana,
and W. F. Sanders was its first Chaplain.
At the organization of the Grand Lodge of
Montana this Lodge became Virginia City
No. 1.

  The Dispensation of Virginia City Lodge
No. 43 is in the archives of the Grand Lodge
of Kansas at Topeka. Reported by the Grand
Secretary of Kansas -1916.

  Montana Lodge U. D. - Dispensation
for Montana Lodge U. D., at Virginia City,
Montana was granted by Deputy Grand
Master O. B. Brown, of Colorado, on April
29, 1865, to H. L. Hosmer, W. M., L. W.
Frary, S. W., and William Gray, J. W. It was
Chartered by the Grand Lodge of Colorado

as Montana Lodge No. 9 on November 7th,
1865. This is now Montana Lodge No. 2.

  The Dispensation for Montana Lodge No.
9 is in the archives of the Grand Lodge of
Colorado (at Denver). Reported by Grand
Secretary of Colorado - 1916.

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