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point  dramaƟ cally and oŌ en.  Tolerance is perhaps   and other Truths cannot be wriƩ en. That is the pure
    touched on in Ephesians 4:2.  However, the principle    genius of Freemasonry. It has always been so.
    of Tolerance was not one of the great teachings of the    No one man speaks for Freemasonry. It is We,
    Old Testament - for whatever reason.                    collecƟ vely, who must speak for it, through our

      Perhaps  the  very  concept  of  Tolerance  is  recent.   individual  acƟ ons,  and  our  teachings,  and  our  core
                                                            beliefs. If Freemasonry is not seen by ourselves
    It seems that Tolerance fi rst became a major social                             and  others  as  a  basƟ on  of
    issue in conjuncƟ on with religious                                             Tolerance, as it is today of
    persĞĐƵƟ on  and  intolerance.  That    It is a respect for                     Brotherly    Love,   Charity,
    was one of the major themes of the                                              Temperance,     and    other
    ReformaƟ on, and many sƟ ll  think  and acceptance of                           virtues - if it does not
    of Tolerance in religious terms only.  others’ nationalities,                   proudly  unfurl  its  banner
    But  Tolerance  goes  far  beyond                                               of Tolerance and recognize
    acceptance  of  others’  religious  religions, political                        and  teach  the  poisonous
    views.  It  is  a  respect  for  and                                            divisiveness  of  Intolerance
    acceptance of others’ naƟ onaliƟ es,  views, lifestyles, and                    -  -  its  emblem  of  Morality
    religions, poliƟ cal views, lifestyles,  opinions. It is not                    will forever be stained by its
    and opinions. It is not a surrender                                             Ɵ midity and meekness, and
    of  our  values,  but  rather  respect  a surrender of our                      its reputaƟ on will suff er.
    of others’. It is not a sign of an  values, but rather a
    individual’s weakness but rather a                                                The public sees Masonry
    sign of an individual’s strength and  respect of others’.                         in each of us. The average
                                                                                    non-Mason  probably  meets
                                                            and gets to know maybe fi ve men whom they know
    character.                                              to be a Mason. We owe it to them, but much more

      Maybe it is because our Masonic ancestors based so    importantly  to  ourselves,  to  uphold  and  pracƟ ce,
                                                            as  our  God  gives  us  the  strength,  the  very  highest
    much of what we know as Freemasonry today on the        standards of morality.
    wriƟ ngs and concepts contained in the Old Testament
    (which did not dwell on the concept of Tolerance) that    Brothers: Consider Tolerance!
    Tolerance was not included in that moral framework
    of our insƟ tuƟ on.                                       As our departed Brother and Reverend T.M. Harris

                                                            once said of our Order:
      There  may  be  other  reasons.  But  it  is  a  fact  that
    Tolerance is a word not heard within our rituals.         “Its laws are reason and equity; its principles
                                                            benevolence and love; and its religion purity and truth;
      Be that as it may, we as Freemasons know that we      its  intenƟ on is peace on earth; and its disposiƟ on
    cannot point our fi ngers at others and condemn them     good-will toward men.”
    for their lack of tolerance while we don’t pracƟ ce and
    TEACH it ourselves. That would be hypocrisy of the        Let us conƟ nue to represent in our daily words and
    fi rst order. If we, each of us, are to add to the luster   acƟ ons this loŌ y descripƟ on of our beloved Fraternity.
     of Freemasonry, we must be a shining beacon of that
     high moral goodness that accepts each man for who
     and what he is inside.

      The  state  of  PerfecƟ on  has  not  been  reached
     in any Science or Art. Nor should we expect that it
     ever will be. Freemasonry is not a Perfect InsƟ tuƟ on.
     Freemasonry and Freemasons must constantly strive
     to  do  that  which  is  Good,  and  Just,  and  Honorable   Respecƞ ully  submiƩ ed by: Phil Pearce, Director of
     among men regardless of the popular opinion of the       Masonic EducĂƟ on Dallas Masonic Lodge No. 182
     day. Doing so oŌ en places us at odds with popular       Dallas, GA 30157
     opinion. But a Mason knows in his heart what is right,
     and just, and fair. Gaining that awareness is part of
     the Masonic journey. How we come to realize this

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