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Montana Freemason                    January 2016    Volume 92 Number 1

  Successful initiation is both given and
received. One cannot give if one has not
received. If true initiation is given and received,
there is continuity, the hierarchy of Our Father,
in His children, is honored. The initiate, though
privileged, becomes not just a privileged son, but
a co-worker, laborer, builder, an elder Brother
who carries his earned portion of the weight of
the world.

“We have all the light we need, we just need to
put it in practice.” - Albert Pike

As Sons of God, let us be bearers and keepers
of the Light. Let us each shine brilliantly so as
to illuminate the path that others may find their
way and follow.

Lux et Tenebris and Happy New Year.

Brian Murphy, Grand Master

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