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Montana Freemason  January 2016  Volume 92 Number 1

                                 Montana Rainbow Dad

                     Montana Rainbow Grand Assembly
                   revealed a specially designed Masonic
                   Apron for the State Rainbow Dad at the
                   2015 Grand Assembly Session in June.
                   The position of State Rainbow Dad was
                   instituted in Montana in 2012 with the intent
                   of strengthening the Masonic presence in
                   Rainbow. The new State Dad Masonic Apron
                   was designed by members of the Junior
                   Executive Committee which is comprised of
                   a representative chosen by each Assembly.
                   The girls on this committee developed
                   the design which was then submitted to
                   the Grand Master and Grand Lodge for
                   approval. Once approved, the apron was
                   created by Mrs. Margaret Beatty assisted by
                   Mrs. Susan Ayres. The traveling apron was
                   presented to 2014 State Rainbow Dad, Mr.
                   Bill Stenerson for his use during the 2015
                   Country Chic Grand Assembly Session.
                   Those Master Masons who have served
                   Montana Grand Assembly as State Rainbow
                   Dad include Bill Stenerson (2012 & 2014),
                   Zane Sampson (2013) and Bud Griffith
                   (2015). Montana Rainbow thanks Past Most
                   Worshipful Grand Master Don Cerovski and
                   the Grand Lodge Jurisprudence Committee for
                   helping to make this project a reality.

                                 Bonus question - Who is it?

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