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Montana Rainbow Girls 87th annual Grand Assembly

Montana Rainbow girls gathered in Hardin in June for their 87th
annual Grand Assembly. Over 130 people attended the session
held at the Hardin High School. Special events including a
picnic and tour of the grounds of the Big Horn County Museum
provided a fun and memorable evening. Those in attendance
were treated to several demonstrations at the grounds ranging
from rope making to an explanation of clothing worn by women
during that time. 2014 Grand Worthy Advisor Landa Uffelman
chose the theme “Country Chic” for her session and the High
School Commons was transformed with burlap, lace and bling to
give it a real Country Chic feel. The Session included ritualistic
work, special ceremonies, a picnic at the Museum grounds and
a devotional service and Memorial service held in the church at
the Museum grounds. Grand Worthy Advisor Landa chose the
“Make A Wish” Foundation as the Service Project for her year.
Each Assembly presented Grand Worthy Advisor Landa with
their contribution to this project and explained how they raised
the funds. Miss Montana Rainbow Service, Maddie Flamm
of Hardin Assembly reported on her projects for the past year
which made an additional contribution to the “Make A Wish”
fund. The combined efforts of Miss Montana Rainbow Service,
the Rainbow Girls and Pledges of Montana and a grant from
the Montana Masonic Foundation resulted in a contribution of
over $12,000 to the Montana “Make A Wish Foundation.” Kary
West, development coordinator of the Billings Make-A-Wish
Montana office was present to accept the donation. The Session
ended with the Installation of Officers for the 2015-16 year
with Kayleigh Griffith of Bozeman installed as Grand Worthy

  Montana Rainbow Girls Contribute to Make A Wish Foundation

         Rainbow Girls and Pledges from across Montana will help make wishes of Montana children
participating in the Make-A-Wish program come true through their contribution to the Make-A-Wish
Foundation. This Foundation was selected as the 2014 Grand Worthy Advisor’s Service Project by 2014
Grand Worthy Advisor Landa Uffelman. Rainbow Girls and Pledge Members throughout Montana have
been working for the past year to support this project. Fund-raisers such as dinners, teas, cookie sales, craft
sales and flea markets, collecting loose change, and concession sales along with a $2000 grant from the
Montana Masonic Foundation resulted in a donation of $12,351.51 to the Make A Wish Foundation. The
average cost of a wish is just under $4,000 so Montana Rainbow should be able to help grant approximately
four wishes.

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