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Montana DeMolay
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Montana DeMolay and Montana Job’s Daughters the 2015 Montana
Masonic Youth Convention October 16-18 in Lewistown Montana. At
the Yogo Inn. The event included a Joint Public/Formal Opening, Grand
Banquet, DeMolay Legion of Honer and Chevalier ceremonies. DeMolay
Installation of Officers, Miss Montana Job’s Daughters Pageant, and
finished with a Grand Ball.

Miss Montana Job’s Daughters and Bethel members.

                                                  MWGM Murphy addressed the DeMolay,
                                                  Job’s Daughter and Rainbow Girls and
                                                  Masonic guests during the weekend.

          Sam Whitehead, Executive Office of
          Montana DeMolay with members and
          Advisors from Ross C. Jensen Chapter
          of Bozeman.

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