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Montana Freemason  January 2016                       Volume 92 Number 1

                                                      An interesting addition to this story was found while
                                                    researching the family and Masonic connections. It seems
                                                    that Col. Conger and his brother Omar Conger have a role
                                                    in the founding of the American Red Cross. In 1864 after
                                                    sustaining another war related wound, Col. Conger ended
                                                    up being cared for by Clara Barton. After the war she
                                                    was trying to find support in Congress to form the
                                                    Red Cross. She came across Senator Omar Conger
                                                    (MI) and during the course of the conversation asked
                                                    if he was related to Col. Conger, he said yes he is my
                                                    brother. Clara Barton told how she had cared for
                                                    Col. Conger and his recovery. Thereafter, Senator
                                                    Conger became a strong supporter for the creation
                                                    of the American Red Cross.

General Lafayette Baker and Col. Everton J. Conger

                   Dillon Lodge No. 16 Tyler’s Sword

Everton J. Conger
Dillon, Montana

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