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Montana Freemason  January 2016                        Volume 92 Number 1

Our ritual helps make our members better, but          Freemasonry? Are we by amiable, discreet and
we must also make them wiser. Members want to          virtuous conduct convincing mankind of the
know more than is partially disclosed by ritual.       goodness of our Institution?
A three to seven minute presentation of Masonic        Because we never invite anyone to come to our
information at each stated meeting would go far        altars, our mental attitudes and physical activities
toward quenching the thirst that exists among          and our influence in the community must inform
our members for such, and also help overcome           God-believing men of the mission of our Order.
the misunderstandings of what constitutes              It is up to each of us to energize ourselves
“Secrecy”. Sources of Masonic information              and to exemplify the faith of Freemasonry, so
are almost unlimited. Books, magazines and             that others might look to us for example and
papers on Freemasonry abound, to say nothing           inspiration, and thus spread Freemasonry’s
of the hundreds of Masonic Websites. The               pleas for universal friendship and its concern for
importance of Masonic education to the future          human progress.
of Freemasonry is therefore evident and is one         I am convinced that by accentuating the positive
of the factors necessary to carry Freemasonry          and appealing for a new sense of duty and a fuller
forward. Together with ritual, it is essential to      consecration of the eternal ideals of brotherly
adequately convey to our candidates, as well           love, relief and truth we will keep the sacred
as our members, the moral, philosophical and           fire, the abiding, immutable, divine essence of
religious principles taught by our symbols             Freemasonry strong and available to those who,
and allegories. Seldom do we employ our                in the future, seek the Word and Light that shine
lodges for that purpose which, as much as for          in the East.
ceremonial purposes, they were indented, i.e.
for “expatiating on the mysteries of the Craft”.

Marketing Freemasonry has been severely
limited and ineffectual. Unfortunately, too many
of our members are mislead as to the extent
of our “secrecy”. They are fearful to disclose
anything for fear of disclosing something
improper. We must change our attitude about
secrecy and sufficiently inform our members
of what they can disclose. The only secrets we
have are our modes of recognition, the content
of our obligations and the manner of conferring
degrees. We must create a desire to disclose, a
desire to inform our families, friends, neighbors
and fellow workers. Then, we must educate our
members and encourage use of the monitor,
Grand Lodge pamphlets and other non-esoteric
publications for assistance in disseminating
information about Freemasonry.

It is how we each think in our hearts that will        Article taken from “A Collection of Masonic
dictate the course of our action. We must take         Articles” by Jack R. Levitt, PGM.
hold of our Freemasonry, apply our gifts and
talents and work with dedication and self –                                                                               Page 11
discipline. We must also have high expectations
for ourselves and our brethren and convert every
challenge into an opportunity. Freemasonry is, in
the final analysis, to be judged by the associations,
deeds, words, and conduct of its members. Are
we practicing daily those great moral truths of
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