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Montana Freemason  January 2016                       Volume 92 Number 1

Attitude, Action and Example

The basis for a rejuvenating of membership            To regain our prominence and again set the
and interest in our Craft lies in its ritual. The     standards for our citizenry, we must direct our
changes, obligations, prayers and allegories all      attitude to channel the results we want. Today,
propose the importance of attitude and high           concerned by the unproven claim that men will
moral standard of behavior.                           only devote 5 hours a month to us, we seek solely
Attitude toward Freemasonry can be a force for        to accommodate the newly initiated brother and
advancement or one toward further recession.          overlook his responsibilities. Society during the
The standards you set are the standards you get.      past thirty years has switched from the child
Few want to join, or remain a member of an            seeking approval of the parents to the parents
organization that is not first rate and is fearful    seeking approval of the child. We have made a
of survival.                                          similar mistake.
Positive attitude is essential and we have cause      We must open the hearts of prospects and
to be optimistic about our fraternity. A great        our members to desire our fraternity. If we
epoch is developing in which morality; civil          have presentable Lodges, clean and well-kept
liberty and fundamental fairness are once again       paraphernalia, preparation and lodge rooms,
forming the basis for political and civil thought. I  and well-presented ritual work, we will not only
believe the fraternity of Freemasonry is ready to     make a good first impression, but a lasting one,
provide the moral and philosophical foundation        One that will open hearts to want to participate
to such a revival.                                    and learn. This may be even more important now
The very purpose of Freemasonry is to make its        with lodge consolations, charters surrendered
members wiser, better and consequently happier.       and the selling of buildings.
With the proper attitude a lodge can be an oasis      If the attitude of the Master is to be a Master,
of serenity in a desert of strife. It can be a place  and not merely a Past Master, so that he
where its members can go to set aside the cares       communicates and spreads his enthusiasm
and difficulties of the day. A place where they       and his love of the Craft, his year will be a
can be taken by the hand, patted on the back          productive one. If, however, it is to merely wait
and where friendship and trust prevail. Being a       out one year without making waves or doing
Freemason is a very precious thing. To belong to      anything different, it will be another year of
an organization that removes misunderstanding         lowered membership and fewer in attendance at
between men, makes them friends, and teaches          meetings.
them to love one another, is to possess something     It is not enough, however, that we change our
that cannot be measured in understandable             attitude. We must transform that change into
terms.                                                action. But, the change cannot be change for
Our great fraternity is the oldest and largest        change sake only. Too many Grand Jurisdictions
in the world. It has drawn men to it across the       are making rapid and vast changes without
centuries from every culture. It provides the path    adequately thinking them through. We must
toward moral and spiritual progress, knowledge,       investigate results from those Jurisdictions before
and service of God and fellow men. It causes us       we adopt such changes. We must determine, for
to stand apart from all other fraternal orders. We    example, whether modified proficiencies and
have every reason to be optimistic that our Craft     loosening rules against solicitation, or amending
will be just as viable 100 years from now as it       our position on electioneering, or group
was 100 years ago, and that, eventually, most         initiations and shortening the ritual even more
men the world over will learn to know and love        and how doing so have impacted membership
each other at the altar of Freemasonry.               and the good of the order.

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