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“The  members  of  the Washburn  Party  of  1870,  who  first  suggested  and  labored
           successfully with the others to make known the wonders of the region and secure its
           dedication for a National Park, “built even better than they knew.” They thought
           chiefly  of  the  wonders  on  canon,  falls,  lake,  mountain,  boiling  springs  of  infinite
           variety, and the crowning wonder of all, the great geysers, throwing vast volumes
           of boiling water hundreds of feet into the air, eclipsing those of Iceland, and of the
           healthful pleasure to future generations in visiting this cool region during the heated
           season. But undoubtedly  its utility to the great central arid region surpasses all
           other considerations, and renders its preservation as near as possible in a state of
           nature undisturbed, a safe and secure retreat for the great game that but for this
           last resort would in all probability be soon extinct, a sacred trust for our national
           government. While some think it wasteful or unjustifiable use of public money to
           expend in opening and improving such a vast area as a people’s pleasure-ground,
           further consideration will satisfy the worst fault-finding business principles. What
           would otherwise be spent on foreign travel will more and more be retained at home
           in visiting our own Alpine region, Where are congregated living pictures by the hand
           of the Creator, far more numerous, sublime and beautiful than  those  contained  in
           all  the  museums  of  the  Old World.”

                                                “There  ought    to  be  no  private  ownership  of
                                                any portion of that region, but that the whole
                                                of it ought to be set apart as a great National
                                                                                           - Cornelius Hedges, 1870

                                                            Grand Master, 1870
                                                        Grand Historian, 1871
                                                        Grand Secretary, 1872 -1906

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