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Montana Freemason                                         August 2017                                     Volume 93   Number 2
                                   Who was the greater Mason?

                                             Brother F. Jack Dona

       A Masonic version of the parable of the Good       As a result of his aiding the Brother on the side
      Samaritan leaves the reader to decide who is the true   of  the  road,  this  Brother  missed  the  meeting  at
      Mason                                              the  Lodge  that  night.  Many  whispered  sideliner
                                                         conversations took place that night, and they were
       There  once  was  a  Mason  who  dedicated  his   led by the first Mason who found the Brother on
      life  to  the  service  of  not  only  our  time-honored   the side of the road. As a result of his missing the
      Fraternity but also his country and family. He was   meeting,  the  Brother  who  stopped  and  aided  his
      a good and just man who gave greatly of himself    fellow  Mason  was  removed  from  an  important
      to all who asked. One day, this Mason happened     position in the Lodge and loudly condemned by all
      to be on his way to the Lodge when thieves and     for his negligence of his Masonic duty.
      miscreants accosted him. He was robbed of all of
      his possessions. His clothes were torn, and he was   As  we  move  through  life,  all  of  us,  regardless
      left beaten along the side of the road.            of  station,  should  consider  all  of  our  motives  in

       After a period of time along came a distinguished   everything we do. Is it for the good of humankind
      member  of  the  Fraternity  who  saw  the  beaten   and our time-honored Fraternity? Or are the things
                                                         we do only to further our own goals and personal
      Brother  on  the  road.  Looking  down  at  him  and   ambitions?  Do  we  accept  every  Brother  as  he  is
      seeing  his  condition,  the  august  and  elevated   and  try  to  help  him  in  his  stations  through  life,
      member  of  the  Craft  said  to  himself,  “Surely   or do we have our own biased personal beliefs of
      this man could do better with himself than this.   what a Mason should be or look like?
      How  uncouth  and  ill  dressed  he  is.  Judging  by   Of the above, who was the greater Mason?
      his  appearance  surely  here  is  a  man  who  has
      wasted his life. I will be about my more important
      business, as helping this man does not further my
      own ends.” With that, the first man departed.

       After  a  short  period  of  time,  another  Mason
      came by and spied the august and distinguished
      first Mason quickly departing to the Lodge. This
      second  Mason  also  saw  the  beaten  Brother  and
      said to himself, “Here is a man who has come to
      great  travail.  I  would  like  to  help  him,  but  as  I
      see the first Brother, who is our leader, departing,
      perhaps  it  would  be  unwise.  After  all,  I  must
      consider my station in the Lodge and be careful
      not to jeopardize my position.” So with that, the
      second Mason looked down at the beaten Brother
      on the side of the road and said, “Be comforted
      and of good cheer. Everything will be fine.” He
      left  the  beaten  Brother  without  aid  and  hurried
      after the departing leader.                                          THE TOAST

       Still  another  Mason  came  along  the  road;  he   HERE’S TO HE THAT LED ME AROUND,
      saw the beaten Brother. Looking down the road,       AND HERE’S TO HE THAT KNOCKED ME DOWN,
      he saw the leader and the other an up-and-coming     AND HERE’S TO HE THAT RAISED ME UP,
      Brother in the Lodge. He stopped and quickly gave    AND TO THAT FRIEND I DRINK THIS CUP
      the beaten Brother a drink of water and bound his    AND TO THAT FRIEND I’LL DRINK ANOTHER
      wounds. He then took off his own cloak, covered      THAT RAISED ME FROM FRIEND TO BROTHER
      him,  and  hurried  to  help  the  man  to  his  home
      where he fed and nourished him and saw that he                                                                                 - Unk
      was properly recovered.
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