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D. Examine the books and records of each lodge in  existing Lodges gathered at the Goose and Gridiron
     his district, to determine if its manner of transacting  Ale-house in St. Paul’s Churchyard in London and
     business conforms to Masonic law, and to report to  formed a Grand Lodge; the first in the world. Today
     the Grand Master any violations of law; and         there are over 6.5 million Freemasons worldwide.
     E. Report the working condition of each lodge in  2017 is a special year for United Grand Lodge of
     his district to the Grand Master.                   England (UGLE) as it traces its roots to this historic
       The District Officer is a resource to each Lodge;
     please take advantage of their knowledge and skills,   I  wish  you  all  a  good  year  in  planning  and
     they are here to help. They will also be able to tap  managing your lodge’s activities. For many of you,
     additional  resources  from  the  Executive  Officers  newly installed Worshipful Masters will have set up
     and the Corporate structure if needed.              agendas that will strive to improve their lodges and
                                                         the lives of their members.  Please lend them your
       At  this  time  Lodges  should  have  or  will  be  support and let’s work together to help Masonry in
     making their recommendation for Lodge Instructor  Montana continue to improve the state of the craft
     to  the  District  Officer  who  will,  in  turn,  made  and elevate the happiness of our sacred society.
     recommendations  to  the  Grand  Master  for  the
     appointment  of  the  Lodge  Instructor.  Choose     In conclusion, I want to again thank all of you for
     Wisely  and for the good of your Lodge. As you  placing your trust and faith in allowing me to be
     can see the Instructor has several duties to help the  your Grand Master; it is an honor and privilege to
     Lodge with, not just ritual.                        be able to serve you this Masonic year.

     As per the Code of Statutes, it shall be the duty of  Fraternally,
     the Instructor to:
     A.  Hold  schools  of  instruction  and  instruct  the
     officers of the lodges in the ritual:               Jerry Anderson
     B.  Prepare  officers  of  the  lodge  to  prepare  for  Grand Master
     C.  Instruct  in  those  portions  of  the  Constitution
     and  Statutes  of  Grand  Lodge  which  relate  to  the
     government of the lodge;
     D.  Instruct  in  the  proper  administration  of  the
     affairs of the lodge; and
     E.  Encourage  preservation  of  the  Ancient

       We need to look at what we have done and are
     doing and find ways to improve the atmosphere of
     our Lodges. If we are doing something that is not
     helping our Lodges, not helping our membership,
     not helping gain and make new Masons, we need to
     stop doing it. Let’s not fool ourselves into feeling
     that we are doing great or doing something that is
     helping with Lodge growth when it clearly is not.
     Look for improving in all things Masonic.

       In 2016 we celebrated the 150th Anniversary of
     the  Gand  Lodge  of  A.F.&A.M.  of  Montana.  We
     have  a  very  proud  and  rich  heritage  as  a  Grand
       This  year  we  celebrate  300  years  of  Modern
     Grand Lodge era. The Grand Lodge of England was
     founded in London on 24th June 1717, when four
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