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Greetings from the Grand East
                                     Jerry Anderson, Grand Master
                                                           At  our  last  Communication  here  in  Missoula
      First,  I  would  like                             there  were  22  Lodges  (or  26%)  that  received
    to thank my Masonic                                  the  Master  Builder  Award  for  completing  that
    Brothers  for  the  trust                            program. Obviously, this is not for everyone, but
    and  faith  you  have                                those Lodges who do participate feel they gain
    in  me  and  allowing                                from it.
    me  to  be  your  Grand
    Master     for    this                                 We  will  be  working  on  Lodge  education  and
    Masonic year.  I have                                Lodge Officer training this year as well and into
    had an enjoyable time                                the future.  These two events are, in my opinion,
    over  the  last  several                             what  we  have  needed  to  focus  on  for  several
    years  traveling  to                                 years.  I believe we can put training together to
    the  different  lodges,                              make this possible. I hope that all of the Lodges
    not  only  within  the                               will embrace the available activities, and put the
    Missoula  District  but  also  in  other  areas  of  this   effort forth to make this a banner year for their
    great state of Montana.  I have had the opportunity   respective Lodges.
    to meet many of you and learn what is happening
    in your Lodge as well as in your community.  I can     One  of  the  topics  addressed  at  the  Annual
    honestly say that if I had not been a Mason, this    Communication was on how we will be dealing
    would not have been possible.  I want all of you     with struggling Lodges. We hope that any Lodge
    to know that you have made me a better person by     in this situation will take full advantage of working
    allowing me to serve you.                            with their District Officer as a resource. But, it is
                                                         important that this is known by all members so
      As I write this letter, my thoughts are about all of   that no one can say they didn’t know their Lodge
    the different meetings and visits that will be placed   was having problems, so if you haven’t attended
    on my calendar during this busy and fruitful year.  I   Lodge in awhile, it will benefit both you and the
    have already had several requests to travel to install   Lodge to do so.
    Lodge Officers in several Lodges. I want you all
    to  know  that  you  can  reach  out  to  your  District   Be on the lookout for information and updates
    Officer or me, at any time, for whatever needs you   on the conversion from ROLLS to the GrandView
    may  have. We  are  here  to  help  make  all  Lodges   membership  program.  Much  of  the  conversion
    run smoothly. Remember if you would like me or       will take please while most Lodges are dark for
    any Grand Officer to Install Officers or visit  your   the summer.
    Lodge, please contact the Grand Secretary and me
    as soon as possible schedule a visit.                  I  have  asked  that  the  District  Officers  take  a
                                                         more  pro  active  role  in  the  respective  Districts
      The  planning  that  has  occurred  the  last  few   and to be more visible and available as a resource
    years is aimed at helping Lodges; there are no new   to assist each Lodge.  They will be in frequent
    “Programs”  this  year.  Our  usual  modus  operandi   contact  with  each  Lodge  within  their  assigned
    such  as  Bikes  for  Books,  Kindles  for  Kids,    District  and  should  make  at  least  two  tyled
    Master Builder Award and the Ritualist Program,      meetings of each Lodge.
    will continue. There is a revision to the Ritualist
    Program that should pique interest. These activities   As per the Code of Statutes, it shall be the duty of
    have something that can be used in our Lodges. The   the District Officer to:
    Montana  Masonic  Foundations’  Bikes  for  Books    A.  Hold  schools  of  instruction  and  instruct  the
    and Kindles of Kids program also assist in letting   officers of the lodges in the ritual, the Constitution
    the communities see what Masonry has to offer the    and Statutes, and the policies of the Grand Lodge;
    students  at  our  local  schools  and  to  assist  in  the   B. Promote Masonic education;
    schools reading programs.                            C. Visit  each  lodge  in  his  district  whenever  he
                                                         deems it necessary for the faithful performance
                                                         of his duties;

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