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Montana Masonic Hall of Fame 2017

                                          Joseph R. Simpson
                                            Judith Lodge No. 86

                                             Montana Masonic
                                              Hall of Fame

     Worshipful  Brother  Joe  Simpson  is  the  2017    All Masons meet on the level, however, he is one of
    inductee  into  the  Montana  Masonic  Hall  of  Fame.   the most respected Masons in Montana because of his
    Traditionally  this  Award  is  presented  during  the   actions. In looking at a life of service, it is really his
    Friday  banquet  during  the Annual  Communication.   faith, his family and his community that are foremost,
    Brother Joe was not able to attend because of health   for Brother Joe. He selflessly gives of himself to all
    reasons. However on July 1st after some persuasion,   around him, and he is a proven leader through action.
    he attended a meeting at Judith Lodge No. 86 where   When sharing his experiences in Masonry, his love
    he was inducted into the Montana Masonic Hall of    of  family  and  community  always  shine  through.
    Fame.                                               Supporting his church and the education of our youth
                                                        is second nature to Joe.
     Brotherly  love,  relief,  and  truth  always  come  to
    mind when thinking of W. Brother Joe. When asked     We,  as  Masons,  tout  our  roots  of  being  the  free
    to step forward and help his brethren within his cable   thinkers  and  teachers  of  the  dark  ages,  bringing
    tow, Joe never waivers. He is an unassuming leader   light to those that were kept in darkness. Education
    of  men.  He  has  served  alongside  his  brothers  as  a   is  paramount  to  knowledge,  and  we  as  Montana
    Master on two occasions and is in his twenty-third   Masons require that our Lodges recognize our public
    year as Lodge Instructor. To say that W. Brother Joe   schools with a program yearly. W. Bro. Joe has done
    is an extra guiding light for his Lodge would be an   so much more than this, by actually serving on the
    understatement.                                     School Board of his local schools, also by helping
                                                        the College of Great Falls expand by being on that
    W.  Brother  Joe  willingly    steps  forward  for  Grand   Board, as well as Chairman of the regional School
    Lodge  when  asked.  He  humbly  accepted  the      Boards Association.
    responsibilities as District Officer, not once, but twice.
    He actively participates in Grand Lodge activities and   It is Brother Joe’s unwavering support of family and
    serves on Grand Lodge committees, not to mention is   community which will be his lasting legacy.
    a regular counsel to many Masons and Grand Masters
    in Montana.
                                                            W. Bro. Joe
                                                            Congratulations on this much-deserved Honor.
                                                                                                                     Bro. Reid
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