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the  Goose  and  Gridiron  in  St.  Paul’s  Churchyard,
     where one of the four lodges had been meeting for
     many  years  already.  The  formation  of  that  Grand
     Lodge, which elected Anthony Sayer their first Grand
     Master in that building, sparked what is known as the
     “Revival of 1717,” which was, to the best of modern
     scholarship,  actually  a  new  organization  adopting
     the remnants of the old lodges.

      Meeting  in  a  room  on  the  second  floor  of  the
     Goose  and  Gridiron  tavern,  pictured  to  the  right,
     the  assembled  Masons  met  to  decide  on  their  new
     Grand Master. James Anderson, in his Constitutions
     Of Freemasonry, writes of the event: “Before Dinner,
     the oldest Master Mason (now Master of the Lodge)
                              in  the  Chair,  proposed  a
                              List of proper Candidates;
                              and  the  Brethren  by  a
                              Majority of Hands elected
                              Mr.    Anthony     Sayer,
                              Gentleman, Grand Master
                              of  Masons,  who,  being
                              forwith  in  vested  with
                              the badeges of Office and
                              Power  by  the  said  oldest
                              Master, and install’d, was
                              duly  congratulated  by  the
                              Assembly who pay’d him
           Anthony Sayer      the Homage.”

      This is the Goose and Gridiron shortly before
     demolition.Thanks    go    to   Brother   Bernard
     Williamson, a Freemason in England who, while an
     Entered Apprentice of
     one month, while on
     vacation discovered
     the photograph and
     brought it to the
     attention of the United
     Grand     Lodge     of
     England, for sharing
     the picture, and  the
     story of its discovery
     via video conference                                 This list of Lodges from 1725 shows the lodge that
     call. It is the only                                met in St. Paul’s Churchyard. The engraver shows
     known photograph of                                 a sign of a Goose plucking a Gridiron, in imitation
     the building in which                               of the Swan and Harp. Permission to use this image
     the premier Grand                                   provided by the Library & Museum of Freemasonry
     Lodge of 1717 was                                   (UGLE), London.
     June     24,    2017,
     marks  the  300  year                                Reprinted from the February 2013 Issue of the Montana
     anniversary of modern                               Freemason Magazine.
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