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Page 22 - MFM August 2017
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Montana Freemason                                         August 2017                                     Volume 93   Number 2
                                  PROPOSED RESOLUTION 2017-01

    A resolution to amend Section 470 of the Constitution of the Grand Lodge A.F. & A.M. of Montana, to clarify
    the process to timely submit resolution, reports and recommendations that have legislative impacts, provide that
    untimely or improperly proposed resolutions, reports and recommendations are void, and create a new Section
    to provide that actions on legislative changes contained within reports or recommendations must be presented
    separately for Grand Lodge action and not part of acceptance, approval or adoption of the underlying report or
    recommendation.                                                                                      PASSED (Holdover to 152nd Session)

                                  PROPOSED RESOLUTION 2017-02
    A resolution to require the tellers to report the number of written ballots cast for and against each proposition
    and for each person in elections and create a new Section in the Constitution of the Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M of
    Montana.                                                                                                PASSED (Holdover to 152nd Session)

                                  PROPOSED RESOLUTION 2017-03
    A Constitutional amendment to Section 1060 to require all recommendations of legislation by the Grand Master
    to be held outside of the content of the Grand Master’s annual report to Grand Lodge.
                                                                                                                                     PASSED (Holdover to 152nd Session)

                                   Grand Lodge Budget for 2017 - 2018

    2017-2018 Budget                                                                                                                      PASSED
    Per Capita & Reinstatement Fee for 2017-2018 $42.25                                                             PASSED

    The following Lodges were not represented during the 151st Annual Communication:
    Montana No.2, Diamond city No. 7, Mystic Tie Riverside No. 17, Benton No. 25, Yellowstone No. 26,
    Friendship No. 37, North Star No. 46, Chinook No. 50, Augusta No. 54, Malta No. 57, Wisdom No.61,
    Unity No.71, Corinthian No. 72, Terry No. 74, Saints John No. 92, Kyle No. 96, Captain Scott No.98,
    Western Star No. 104, Scobey No. 109, Billings No. 113, Ekalaka No. 120, Powder River No. 135,
    Circle No. 136, Jordan No. 148.

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