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Montana Freemason                                         August 2017                                     Volume 93   Number 2

      5.   That at such congregations it shall be enquired,  2. That ye shall be true liegemen to the King of
    whether any Master or Fellow has broke any of the  England,  without  treasons  or  any  falsehood,  and
    articles agreed to. And if the offender, being duly  that ye know no treason but ye shall give knowledge
    cited to appear, prove rebel, and will not attend,    thereof to the king, or to his counsel; also, ye shall
    then the Lodge shall determine against him that he  be true one to another, that is to say, every Mason
    shall forswear (or renounce) his Masonry, and shall  of the craft that is a Mason allowed, ye shall do to
    no more use this craft; the which if he presumes  him as ye would be done unto yourself.
    for to do, the Sheriff of the  county  shall  prison  3.   And  ye  shall  keep  truly  all  the  counsel  that
    him,  and take  all his goods into the King’s hands,  ought to be kept in the way of Masonhood, and all
    till  his  grace  be  granted  him  an  issue;  for  this  the counsel of the Lodge or of the chamber, Also,
    cause principally have  these  congregations   been  that ye shall be no thief to your knowledge free; that
    ordained,  that  as  well  the  lowest  as  the  highest  ye shall be true to the king, lord or master that ye
    should be well and truly served in this art foresaid  serve, and truly to see and work for his advantage.
    throughout all the kingdom of England.              4.   Ye shall call all Masons your Fellows, or your
                                                       brethren, and no other names.
                  Regulations of 1663                   5.    Ye shall not take your Fellow’s wife in villainy,
     1. That no person of what degree soever, be made  nor deflower his daughter or servant, nor put him
    or accepted a Freemason, unless in a regular Lodge,  to disworship.
    whereof one to be a Master or a Warden in that limit  6.    Ye  shall  truly  pay  for  your  meat  or  drink,
    or division where such Lodge is kept, and another  wheresoever ye go to table or board.  Also ye shall
    to be a craftsman in the trade of Freemasonry.     do not villainy there, whereby the craft or science
     2.  That no person shall hereafter be accepted a  may be slandered.
    Freemason  but  such  as  are  of  able  body,  honest
    parentage, good reputation, and an observer of the         The Ancient Charges at Makings
    laws of the land.                                   1.  That no Mason take on him no lord’s work,
      3.   That no person hereafter who shall be accepted  nor any other man’s, unless he know himself well
    a Freemason, shall be admitted into any Lodge or  able to perform the work, so that the craft have no
    assembly, until he has brought a certificate of the  slander.
    time and place of his acceptation from the Lodge  2.   Also, that no Mason take work but that he take
    that accepted him, unto the Master of that  limit  or  reasonable pay for it; so that the lord may be truly
    division  where such Lodge is kept; and the said  served, and the Master to live honestly, and to pay
    Master shall enroll the same in a roll of parchment,  his  Fellows  truly. And  that  no  Master  or  Fellow
    to  be  kept  for  that  purpose,  and  shall  give  an  supplant others of their work, that is to  say, that  if
    account of all such acceptation at every General  he hath taken a work,  or else stand Master of any
    Assembly,                                          work, that he shall not put him out, unless he be
      4.  That every  person who is now a Freemason,  unable of cunning to make an end of his work. And
    shall bring to the Master a note of the time of his  no Master nor Fellow shall take a Apprentice for
    acceptation, to the end the same may be enrolled    less than seven years. And that the Apprentice be
    in  such priority of  place  as the Brother deserves;  free born, and of limbs whole as a man ought to be,
    and that the whole company and Fellows may the  and no bastard. And that no Master nor Fellow take
    better know each other.                            no allowance to be made Mason without the assent
     5.  That  for  the  future  the  said  fraternity  of  of his Fellows, at the least six or seven.
    Freemasons  shall  be  regulated  and  governed  by  3.    That  he  that  be  made  able  in  all  degrees;
    one  Grand  Master,  and  as  many Wardens  as  the  that is, free born, of a good kindred, true, and no
    said  society  shall  think  fit  to  appoint  at  every  bondsman, and that he have his right limbs as a
    annual General Assembly,                           man ought to have.
     6.  That no person shall be accepted, unless he be  4.   That a Master take no Apprentice without lie
    twenty-one years old or more.                      have occupation to occupy two or three Fellows at
                                                       the least.
            The Ancient Installation Charges            5.    That no Master or Fellow put away any lord’s
     1. That ye shall be true men to God and the holy  work to task that ought to be Journeywork.
    church,  and  to  use  no  error  or  heresy  by  your  6.    That  every  Master  give  pay  to  his  Fellows
    understanding, and by wise men’s teaching.         and  servants  as  they  may  deserve,  so  that  he  be
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