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Montana Freemason                                         August 2017                                     Volume 93   Number 2
     track by placing red pins on a world map at their
     home. Jackson noted he has visited all 50 states in
     the U.S. and all Canadian provinces.

      “I’m generally out of the country half the year.
     I’ve  been  to  10  countries  so  far  this  year,  and
     quite  a  few  more  to  go,”  he  said.  “I’ve  really
     been  fortunate.  I  have  traveled  to  much  of  the
     world. I’ve been hosted by eight presidents, (and)
     several  prime  ministers.”  Jackson  added  he  has
     met  the  presidents  of  Portugal,  Chile,  Romania,
     Mozambique, Mali, Gabon, Chad, and Congo. He
     has also met former U.S. President George H. W.

      “In eastern Europe and Africa, they want to meet
     with me to find out what contributions Freemasonry   Brother  Tom  Jackson  has  attended  our  Annual
     can  make  to  their  developing  societies,”  he   Communication  in  Montana  a  number  of  times  as  a
     explained.  He  noted  the  executive  secretary    guest  speaker.  Both  R.W.  Brother  Jackson  and  R.W.
                                                         Brother Reid Gardiner have served as Grand Secretary
     position didn’t have a salary, but his expenses were   of their respective jurisdictions, and they both have had
     always covered.                                     the honor to serve as President of the Conference of
                                                         Grand Secretaries in North America.
      Jackson also said he mediated disputes over the
     years,  such  as  the  three  Freemasonry  groups  in

       “One  thing  you’re  dealing  with,  and  you  can’t
     avoid it, is ego,” he said. “You get so much power
     in  Freemasonry  in  the  hands  of  one  man,  and  it
     really becomes an issue once in awhile.”

      He said he has been fortunate to be able to mediate,
     and the key to the discussions is trying to listen to
     reason. Jackson stepped down from the position in
     2015, but he still gets calls to travel somewhere to
     advise on a situation.

      “I’m supposed to be retired,” he said, with a laugh.
     “When  I  stepped  down  as  executive  secretary,  I
     thought now I’ll be able to spend time on my farm.
     It hasn’t happened yet.

     CURTIS GARLAND/Staff Writer, Shippensburg News

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