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R.W. Brother Thomas W. Jackson
                                                           Honored on
                                                Brazilian Postage Stamp

     The Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania’s former Grand  From the Shippensburg News Chronicle:
    Secretary of many years, Thomas W. Jackson has
    received untold awards, titles and accolades over  “I’ve been to Brazil about 15 times,” he said. “I’m
    the years, but this is a first for him. He is depicted  very active in Freemasonry, and that’s the reason
    on a new official postage stamp of the nation of  I’m generally in Brazil. Although, I do go down
    Brazil, and solely in his capacity as a Freemason.  and fish in the Amazon once in awhile.”
    I’m  not  talking  about  the  kind  of  customized  The  avid  fisherman  and  hunter  said  he’s  been
    stamp you can have your grand kids or pet terrier  working for many years in trying to bring Brazilian
    printed on for your Christmas cards. I’m talking  Freemasonry together.
    about  a  real  live,  national  bureau  of  engraving-
    style, printed by the Casa da Moeda do Brasil, no-  “There  are  three  different  Masonic  groups,  and
    kidding postage stamp.                             although  they  relate  to  each  other,  they  don’t
                                                       acknowledge each other or recognize each other,
                                                       and  I’ve  been  working  for  years  to  get  them
                                                       rectified,” he said.

                                                        Jackson had attended a Freemasonry conference
                                                       in  Brazil  last  month,  and  on  the  conference’s
                                                       last day, June 24, leaders presented him with the
                                                       stamps as a symbol of their appreciation. On the
                                                       stamp, it says in Portuguese that it is in recognition
                                                       of his service in promoting universal Freemasonry.

     I don’t even remotely pretend to know the first  “I had no idea they were doing this,” he said. “It
    thing about philately, much less read Portuguese,  really surprised me.”
    so  if  anyone  wants  to  chime  in  with  more
    information, feel free. I did look over their postal  Jackson is known across the globe in Freemasonry
    service  website  (Correios)  enough  to  know  that  circles,  a  fraternal  organization  celebrating  its
    any  social  or  philanthropic  group  is  welcome  to  300th anniversary of its formal creation this year.
    suggest a subject for depiction on a stamp.        Two rooms in Jackson’s home are filled with an
                                                       array of medals that have been given to him over
     The  local  newspaper  in  Tom’s  home  town  the years. Many of the items are in a room that has
    of  Shippensburg,  Pennsylvania  posted  a  long  dozens of mounted animal heads, such as buffalo
    interview  with  him  in  which  he  describes  his  he hunted in Australia and Botswana.
    many travels during his 16 years as the Executive
    Secretary  for  the  World  Conference  of  Masonic  He said the position took him to many countries.
    Grand Lodges.                                      He didn’t know how many countries he has visited,
                                                       but his wife of more than 50 years, Linda, keeps
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