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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1

            of great historical significance for the State.  Further, the   Breakout SeSSion at the 151St SeSSion
            artifacts in the museum are a tangible historical record   the  CharaCteriStiCS  of  SuCCeSSful
            of the early development of the State and our fraternity
            participation and influence on that early development.        and unSuCCeSSful lodgeS

              The funds of the Montana Masonic Foundation cannot
            be  used  to  support  the  general  operations  of  Grand
            Lodge  and  doing  so  would  quite  probably  cause  the
            Foundation to lose its not-for-profit status.                                    Adam  L.  Hathaway  is
                                                                                            the  R.W.  Deputy  Grand
              In the event that the Foundation lost its not-for-profit                      Master of the Grand Lodge
            status,  the  law  requires  that  the  funds  be  donated  to                  AF&AM of New Mexico.
            another  501(c)(3)  charity.  They  would  not  revert  to                      Will  present  one  of  the
            Grand Lodge under any circumstances.  Therefore, it’s                           Break  Out  Sessions  his
            terribly important that Grand Lodge and the Montana   topic will be: The Characteristics of Successful and
            Masonic Foundation be operated as completely separate  Unsuccessful Lodges
            organizations.  To that end, they have separate checking
            accounts, separate investments and separate goals and   He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration
            objectives.    However,  to  facilitate  operations,  Grand  and  is  a  Professional  Registered  Parliamentarian.
            Lodge does rent space in the Montana Masonic Museum  Adam  serves  a  parliamentarian  for  the  UNM  Staff
            building  and  the  Foundation  pays  Grand  Lodge  for  Council,  Albuquerque  Shrine  Center  and  other
            some payroll expenses related to operating the Museum  organizations  in  Albuquerque,  Santa  Fe  and  other
            and  building.  Those  transactions  are  reasonable  and  locations  throughout  New  Mexico.  He  is  a  Energy
            are  ordinary  and  necessary  for  the  operation  of  the   Conservation  Educator  for  Lobo  Energy.  In  his
            Foundation.                                           spare time he finds time to relax with the Society for
                                                                  Creative Anachronism.
              Montana  Masonic  Foundation  has  assets  of
            approximately  $3.9  million  which  includes  the      Brother  Hathaway  helped  organize  the  first
            Museum  building  in  Helena.  That  value  does  not   MASONICon,  a  day  of  leadership  and  educational
            include  the  historical  records  or  artifacts,  whose   training held at the Ballut Abyad Shrine. The Grand
            intrinsic  worth  cannot  be  valued.    The  Foundation    Lodge Committee on Long Range Planning recognized
            board and trustees hold these assets for the benefit of
            today’s children and for future generations to come.  that there was a need in the Grand Jurisdiction of New
                                                                  Mexico for organizational training and collaborative
              I  hope  this  gives  you  a  peek  inside  the  business  of   long range planning. MASONICon was designed to
            our fraternity in Montana. Our Fraternity has done good   not only provide a day of education but also a venue
            work for 300 years and with your support, will continue   for networking and fellowship.
            to do so for many more years.

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