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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1  Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1
                                Greetings from the Grand East
                                              Lewis K. Smith, Grand Master

                               Rudyard Kipling stated, “Words  tender  to  the  young,  compassionate  with  the  aged,
                              are the most powerful drug used by  sympathetic  with  the  striving,  and  tolerant  of  the
                              mankind.”    This  phrase  intrigued  weak  and  strong.    Because  someday  in  your  life  you
                              me on several levels. As Masons,  will  have  been  all  of  these.”    It  is  often  easy  to  take
                              we  work  with  some  of  the  most  stands and draw lines in the sand when we are judging
                              beautifully  turned  phrases  in  our  others actions. It is more important to understand why
                              ritual  and  lectures.    These  words  others may be acting and saying things.  This brought
                              are  designed  to  inspire  us  to  live  to mind the adage never to judge a man until you have
                              better lives, assist and protect the  walked a mile in his shoes.  Words that hopefully will
                              weak  among  us  and  to  structure  bring  understanding  and  compassion  into  our  lives
                              our thoughts and actions so as to  to extend the hand of friendship and aid a Brother or
          make  us  worthy  of  ascension  into  that  afterlife  from  person in need.
          whom no traveler returns.  They lay out the path to truly
          lead a good life.                                       So  where  are  these  words  taking  the  Grand  Master
                                                                this time?  One of the things that makes our fraternity
            Today  we  find  ourselves  challenged  on  so  many  great  is  our  devotion  to  help,  aid  and  assist  our  poor
          fronts to deviate from that path.  Our news media has  distressed Brother Masons, their widows and orphans.
          devolved into a battle of sound bites where competing  This sets us apart from those who go through their lives
          interests seek to emasculate their opponents with words  thinking only of their own wants, success and desires.
          that are confrontational and demeaning.  Social media  Taking care of our Brothers, sisters and people we don’t
          is a hideout for trolls who appear incapable of rational  know who are in need made us the greatest fraternity
          thought or a positive contribution.  Many in our society  in  the  world.    I  challenge  all  of  us  to  walk  the  walk
          are afflicted with addictions that dull the senses and the  of  what  we  say  by  reaching  out  to  our  Brothers  and
          mind, seeking escape rather than to tackle the challenges  their families who are in ill health, who may have had
          that life places before us to test us and make us stronger  a reversal of fortune in their lives and to help children
          by persevering.                                       beset by misfortune.  Doing these things make us better
                                                                men, help us to feel better about ourselves, and show
            An unknown author brought a little of life’s challenges  the world the value of our Fraternity.  All it takes is a
          into perspective when I recently came across this phrase,  little time and few kind words.
          “Learn  by  others  mistakes,  because  you  do  not  live
          long enough to make them all yourself.”  These words
          caused me to stop and think about the twists and turns
          our lives present to us and how limited our time is in
          the larger picture.  We all make mistakes and even learn
          from some of them before we find ourselves repeating
          our folly.  But, it is as thinking men and women who
          are capable of observing the actions of our neighbors
          and associates that allow us to avoid the pain of those
          same mistakes ourselves.  We are never free of making
          mistakes in our lives, some small and some life changing,
          but we usually have choices we can make through life
          that shape and define who we are and who we will be.
          We have the ability to grab the reins and make changes
          in our lives and do the right things to make our lives
          better.  Masonry was developed by men over centuries
          who were thoughtful and developed a system for living
          their  lives  after  observing  the  mistakes  of  others  and
          themselves.    They  laid  down  on  their  trestle-boards
          words and thoughts which would help all of us avoid a
          lifetime of mistakes.

            George  Washington  Carver  summed  up  many
          of  the  secrets  to  a  well-lived  life  when  he  penned
          this,  “How  far  you  go  in  life  depends  on  your  being
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