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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1  Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1
                                           PROPOSED RESOLUTION 2017-02

          A resolution to require the tellers to report the number of written ballots cast for and against each
          proposition and for each person in elections and create a New Section 621 in the Constitution of the
          Grand Lodge A.F.& A.M of Montana.

          Be it resolved that:


          621. REPORTING ON WRITTEN BALLOTS. When the Grand Master calls for a written ballot on any
          item, the tellers shall report the total number of ballots casted, the number of ballots received in favor and
          opposed to the proposition and the number of spoiled or invalid ballots. In the election of officers, the tellers
          shall report the total number of ballots cast, the name of each brother receiving votes and number of votes
          received, and the number of spoiled or invalid ballots.

                                                                                   Submitted by Morning Star No. 5

          Proponent’s Explanation of Resolution
          This Proposed Resolution provides full information and transparency in voting by use of the written ballot,
          including in elections. Since electioneering is prohibited, the only way brothers know who is eligible and
          viable to be elected is through complete disclosure of the ballot results. Grand Lodge has in the past provided
          this election information but now is inconsistent in when to reveal election results. Full disclosure gives
          greater confidence in the election process.

          Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
          This Resolution was received in proper form and meets the formatting requirements of proposed Legislation.
          Grammar and spelling corrections of this legislation from this committee entailed the change of Masters –
          plural context, to Master – singular content in the crafting of the new section. This Resolution will require
          creating a New Section to the Constitution. When a new section is proposed, even though a new number
          may be proposed for the section, the Grand Secretary, as codifier, will assign a number to the section. Due
          to the reference of a Constitutional amendment; as per “Section 810, this legislation, by direction of the
          Grand Master will be referred to a special committee for review and corrections as needed without changing
          its original intent and reported to the craft recommendation of passage or defeat. The Special Committee
          may concurrently recommend substantive amendments or a substitute Constitutional amendment. This will
          then require a simple majority for this legislation and/or amendments to be referred to the Committee on
          Jurisprudence, who shall report thereon at the next annual communication at which time a three-fourths
          vote is in favor is required to be adopted and shall become a part of this Constitution at the close of that

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