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Page 24 - MFM April 2017
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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1  Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1
                             GRAND MASTER’S PROPOSED RECOMMENDATION NO. 3
          A  Recommendation  to  amend  the  Constitution  Section  470  to  provide  that  the  Grand  Master’s
          Recommendations  shall  be  due  10  days  after  the  due  date  for  Resolutions  and  Committee

          Be it resolved that:
          That Section 470 of the Constitution be amended to read as follows:

          470.  TRANSACTION OF BUSINESS.  Transaction of business in Grand Lodge at its annual communication
          shall be upon written resolutions sponsored and submitted by a constituent lodge of this jurisdiction and
          reports and Grand Master’s recommendations and decisions. All resolutions, standing committee reports,
          and Grand Master’s recommendations which recommend changes in the statutes or work shall be submitted
          in writing to the Grand Secretary at least 120 days prior to the opening of the annual communication and
          shall automatically be considered as business at the annual communication unless withdrawn. Grand Master
          Recommendations shall be due ten days after the due date for Resolutions and Committee Reports. This
          restriction shall not apply to emergent matters as emergency legislation and declared by consent of two-thirds
          vote of Grand Lodge or to decisions of the Grand Master which are included in his written message presented
          at the annual communication. All resolutions relating to expenditures of Grand Lodge funds must include
          an evaluation of the impact of the expenditure upon Grand Lodge finances and contain a recommendation
          relative to how it is to be paid for.

                                                                                       Submitted: February 22, 2017

                                                                                        Lewis K. Smith
                                                                           MW Grand Master AF & AM of Montana

          Grand Mater’s Explanation for the Recommendation
          The current Code requires that the Grand Master’s Recommendations be submitted at the same time as the
          resolutions and committee reports. This does not allow the Grand Master to review the other legislation and
          causes duplication sometimes and the inability to draft supplemental legislation to that submitted by the
          Lodges and Committees.

          Committee on Jurisprudence Comments:
          This Grand Masters Recommendation seeks to amend Section 470 of the Constitution to allow the Grand
          Master  an  additional  ten  (10)  days  to  submit  his  Recommendation,  after  the  submission  due  date  for
          Resolutions and Committee Reports. Due to the reference of a Constitutional amendment; as per “Section
          810, this legislation, by direction of the Grand Master will be referred to a special committee for review
          and corrections as needed without changing its original intent and reported to the craft recommendation
          of passage or defeat. The Special Committee may concurrently recommend substantive amendments or a
          substitute  Constitutional  amendment. This  will  then  require  a  simple  majority  for  this  legislation  and/or
          amendments to be referred to the Committee on Jurisprudence, who shall report thereon at the next annual
          communication at which time a three-fourths vote is in favor is required to be adopted and shall become a
          part of this Constitution at the close of that Communication.”

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