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Page 21 - MFM April 2017
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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1
                                      Pr oposed  Legislation

            The  proposed  legislation  presented  herein  has  been  reviewed  and  approved  by  your  Committee  on
            Jurisprudence. The legislation proposed is in or was placed in proper format for presentation to the Craft. For
            complete detailed legislation please see the Advance Proceedings or copies available during Session.

            5070.  JURISPRUDENCE.  The Committee on Jurisprudence shall:
            A. Examine and report on all:
               1.   Questions, documents and papers requiring investigation; and
               2.   Decisions upon all points of Masonic law;
            B. Review proposed resolutions and recommendations to be considered at the next annual
            communication, upon receipt of them from the Grand Secretary, and recommendations or decisions of
            the Grand Master, or standing committees of Grand Lodge and:
              1. Prepare legislation as may be required, together with a brief statement of the purpose and
              effect of them on Grand Lodge, and which will carry out the intent of the proponents; and
              2. Transmit, within 40 days of receipt of the proposed resolutions and recommendations, a copy of
              them, together with the brief statement of purpose and effect of each, to the Grand Secretary;
            C.     Report to Grand Lodge:
              1. Its recommendations as to the legality of decisions and dispensations issued by the Grand
              Master; and
              2.  The legal effect of any proposed amendments; and;
            D. When appropriate, prepare supplementary legislation to proposed amendments and prepare
            legislation to accomplish recommendations of the Grand Master, or standing committees
            of Grand Lodge, and report to Grand Lodge thereon its recommendations.

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