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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1  Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1

                                         Breakout Session at the 151st Communication

                                     GRAND VIEW  SOFTWARE

           After almost ten years of using ROLLS, we are faced  They  have  stringent  backup  and  disaster  recovery
          with  the  need  to  transition  to  another  Secretaries’  processes  that  are  managed  and  maintained  by  their
          Program. Like many things, the shelf life and support  team of system administrators.
          of ROLLS is ending. We have been exploring options
          for  several  months.  During  the  recent  Conference  of  Continual Improvement
          Grand  Masters  and  Conference  of  Grand  Secretaries  Their business model is unique in that they’ve  adopted
          of North America, we had the opportunity to visit with  a philosophy of continual improvement. Their systems
          several  vendors  and  came  to  the  conclusion  that  this  are never going to be ‘done, they’re constantly working
          product most closely will provide the next generation of  with Grand Lodges and secretaries to develop solutions
          a Secretaries program.                                that  address  their  real  world  needs  and  leverage
                                                                technology like never before.
           Grand  View  is  a  comprehensive  web  platform  that
          provides  an  encrypted  portal  where  Grand  Lodge,  Grand  View  releases  new  functionality  on  regular
          Constituent  Lodges,  and  individual  members  can  intervals. They have arrangements with some of the early
          communicate  and  interact  on-line.  Over  the  last  adopters of their systems to test and prove new systems
          few  years  Grand  View  has  evolved  from  a  simple  before they are rolled out across the board. Whether you
          membership  management  database  into  a  platform  want to be on the bleeding edge or stay back a little and
          with  nearly  endless  possibilities. With  multiple  grand  let  others  experiment,  Grand View  allows  you  to  use
          jurisdictions,  hundreds  of  lodges  and  hundreds  of  and adopt technology at your own pace.
          thousands of memberships being managed, Grand View
          has  literally  gone  from  a  drawing  on  a  napkin  to  the  The best part…  All enhancements are included with
          leading Masonic software application.                 your  subscription  to  Grand  View!  When  features  are
                                                                added  or  completely  new  functionality  is  created,
           In their short tenure as a Masonic software provider  every  jurisdiction  has  access  to  those  improvements.
          they’ve seen multiple attempts to copy their ideas and  By  applying  the  collective  knowledge  of  all  of  their
          systems. This can only mean one thing… they are doing  users Grand View provides a platform to advance all of
          something  right! Their  strength  lies  is  in  the  systems  Freemasonry.
          they  built  and  the  people  backing  it  up.  Grand  View
          is  constantly  undergoing  development  and  continual
          improvement.  With  the  help  and  wisdom  of  current
          clients and constantly pushing the envelope, exploring
          new functionality and ideas.

          Their goal is simple…
           Enhance  the  Masonic  experience  by  leveraging
          technology and collective knowledge without sacrificing
          personal interaction, privacy, or tradition.

          Safe Secure Reliable
           When implementing new technology into an existing
          organization they’ve  found too often, that privacy and
          security  have  taken  a  back  seat  to  functionality.  Just
          because you need a password to log in or get permission
          to join a group doesn’t mean the data is secure.

           At Grand View they take security and privacy seriously
          in  everything  they  do.  From  maintaining  applications
          and patching servers to verifying encryption and access
          control they take the worry out of implementing new
          functionality.  Their systems are hosted and stored in
          their own data centers on our own database servers.

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