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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1  Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1

             Clarence A. Guy, North Star 49, received his 50 Year
             Montana Mason award from Wade Ridden (left) and
             Jeff Harada (right).

             Chinook  High  School  Music  Department  received
             a  grant  from  the  Montana  Masonic  Foundation.
             The  program  is  designed  to  provide  Teachers,
             Student Aides, and/or Principals in Montana Public
             Schools an opportunity to apply for a grant to assist
             underfunded programs in the following areas: Music,
             Drama, Science, and Library.
             The grant was awarded to Chinook High School for
             the  purpose  of  high-quality  music  folders  for  the
             high school band and choir, applied for by Brother
             Levi Williams.
             1st Row: Bill Murphy, Chris Barfet, Sydney Chaffin,
             Rochelle  Chaffin,  Cera  Nobles,  Garrett  Lowham,
             Levi Williams
             2nd  Row:  Sam  Clawson,  Scott  Guptill,  Jack
             Mattingly, Ben Hall, Frank Pehrson, Ryan Joy
             3rd Row: Terry Grant, Dave Sageser

                                                                   Jordan High School was the happy recipient of a check
                                                                   from the Montana Masonic Foundation for their library.
                                                                   The check was presented to Ms. Karen Gibbs by RW
                                                                   Lewie Fletcher. Also present was WM Gene Christensen
                                                                   and Secretary Rex Phipps of Jordan Lodge. The High
                                                                   School Principal, Mr.Nate Olsen was also in attendance
                                                                   for the presentation.

                                                                   L to R,
                                                                   Gene Christensen, Rex Phipps,  Karen Gibbs & Lewie

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