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Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1  Montana Freemason                                         April 2017                                               Volume 93   Number 1

                                  John Wm. McNaughton, 33°, Sovereign Grand Commander
                                              Scottish Rite Northern Jurisdiction

             The Yin and Yang are concepts developed centuries  and a distressed worthy Brother; eight hours for our
          ago by Chinese Philosophers to describe how opposite  usual vocations; and eight hours for refreshment and
          or  contrary  forces  are  actually  complementary,  sleep.
          interconnected,  and  interdependent  in  the  natural
          world.                                                   What conclusions might be drawn from the chart
                                                                in figure 2?
             They are essential to harmony and balance in every
          day  life,  and  are  represented  by  the  simple  symbol                        Ritual (Memorization,
          below.                                                                            rehearsal, performance,

                                                                                            Caring for Each other

                                                                                            Social Time

                                                                Figure 2.
             Might the same basic principles also apply to the
          harmony and balance of life in the Masonic fraternity  1.  There  are  no  great  Chinese  philosophers  in
          in the 21st century? A quick analysis of the current  leadership positions in the Masonic fraternity today.
          division of our time within the craft today could be
          represented by a pie chart found in figure 1:          2. The continued over-emphasis of repetitive ritual
                                                                 is not a balanced plan for the future of Freemasonry.

                                     Ritual (Memorization,         Could we correct this imbalance if we implemented
                                     rehearsal, performance,    a new operational model represented by the chart in
                                     Inspection)                figure 2, whereby our time within the fraternity would
                                                                be divided into three equal parts?
                                     Caring for Each other         Over  the  past  60  years,  Freemasonry  has  lost

                                     Social Time                a  significant  number  of  members  who  joined  the
                                                                fraternity only to discover that the organization was
                                                                little more than a ritual society.
          Figure 1.
             Is Freemasonry growing and flourishing today
          under the model in figure 1? The short, sad answer is
          No. Throughout the United States, membership and
          influence continue to decline.

             When we first became Masons, we learned about
          the working tools of the Entered Apprentice, which
          also emphasized a need for balance.

             The twenty-four inch gauge is an instrument used
          by  operative  masons  to  measure  and  lay  out  their
          work; but we as Free and Accepted Masons are taught
          to  make  use  of  it  for  the  more  noble  and  glorious  Reprinted from The Northern Light magazine, Vol 48,
          purpose of dividing our time. It being divided into 24  Number 1, February 2017. Scottish Rite Northern
          equal parts is emblematical of the 24 hours of the day,   Jurisdiction.
          which we are taught to divide into three equal parts;
          whereby we find eight hours for the service of God

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