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Montana Freemason  July 2014	                 Volume 90 Number 2

                         Some advantages of the
                          District re-alignment

                   Having 6 Districts will allow the Grand Master to
                   conduct the responsibilities of his Office with more
                   efficiency during the year.
                   6 Districts will allow the Deputy Grand Master to
                   conduct the responsibilities associated with the office
                   and will allow travel throughout the jurisdiction and
                   preparation for the next year.
                   The Senior and Junior Grand Warden will be tasked
                   with the set-up, formatting/subject matter and
                   conducting of 6 to 8 Masonic Colleges (formerly
                   Warden’s Workshops) throughout the Jurisdiction for
                   the year. They will still perform the duties associated
                   with their Offices as required by the Code, and assist
                   other Grand Lodge Officers as needed.
                   To assist the District Officers in performing the
                   duties of their Office as well as the duties of being a
                   District Officer as spelled out in the Code, they will
                   have the assistance of a Special Committee Member
                   appointed by the Grand Master

                   District Office District Special Committee

                   Jeff Harada (121) Eastern    Shane Gibson(121)
                   Senior Grand Deacon

                   Bill Murphy (29) South Central David Schantz(29)
                   Junior Grand Deacon

                   Alan Frohberg (58) North Central George Dengel(98)
                   Grand Marshal

                   Frank Noble (64) North Western Kim Bowman(28)
                   Senior Grand Steward

                   J. Dalquist(1,68) South Western D. Martinez(1,6,18)
                   Junior Grand Steward

                   Bob Brown (22) West Central  Gary Long (5)
                   Grand Standard Bearer	

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