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Montana Freemason                         July 2014	                 Volume 90 Number 2
                                                       As Grand Master this year I feel compelled to give
GreeDtionngCsefrrooskmi, GthraendGMraanstderEast       back to the Lodges in this Jurisdiction; that want
                                                       to participate, an offer to give $25.00 to cover
                                                       refreshments for one (1) of their Meetings. Of
                                                       course this does not come without some attached
                     Greetings Brethren all, it is     requirements from the Lodges that participate.
                   my hopes that your summer           Again, attend your District Meeting this Fall to get
                   is going well and time is           further information.
                   ample to get family and
                   friends together for outdoor
                   activities and visiting. Fall is      The Montana Masonic Foundation will again
                   approaching fast and so is the      this year continue to offer the Bikes for Books and/
                   start of our Lodges’ Masonic        or Kindles for Kids Program to the Lodges for use
                   year.                               in desired schools. Our Fraternity has always been
                                                       and continues to be a supporter of Education for
                                                       our youth. Through this program we as Masons
  Those Worshipful Masters being Installed into        can show our sincerity to the Communities in the
Office should have in place and planned for their      area of the Lodges, for the need to be better readers
lodge and members, programs and activities to fill     and more informed Citizens, which starts at a very
the Masonic year.                                      young age, thus the end resulting benefit of the Bikes

To aid Lodges and Masters with activities this and Kindles Program.
Masonic year, programs are being introduced
and some reintroduced to benefit Masonry.                I ask that each Worshipful Master and/or Lodge
Some of the Programs are; Master Builder Award         Secretary forward to the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M.
Program, Ritualist Program, Masonic Education          of Montana Grand Secretary any and all important
Enlightenment Training (M.E.E.T.), Lodge Adoption      dates for the posting onto the Grand Lodge web
Program (L.A.P.) and Constitution and Code of          site calendar. Information needed for the posting
Statutes Test. I strongly encourage all Brothers to    to occur is; Time, Date, Location and short event
participate in your District Meetings this Fall to     activity title. I asked and have also extended this
acquire further light on the Programs for this year.   offer to our Appendant and Concordant Bodies as
                                                       well, so that we as Masons have one central calendar
                                                       to go to in check for activities and events with-in our
  Your Grand Senior and Junior Wardens are             Great Fraternity.
charged as per the Constitution and Code of Statutes
(2020) to Annually hold and conduct Workshop or
Workshops for Officers and Members of the Craft.         To the Worshipful Masters, my Brothers and Lodges
This Workshop requirement has been dubbed              in this Grand Jurisdiction, as well as to any and all of
“The Montana Masonic College”. I am instructing        our Masonic Appendant and Concordant Bodies, I
the Wardens to conduct; at a minimum, four (4)         extend a Fraternal hand and desire to be part of and
Workshops throughout Montana this Year so that;        assist with any of your activities or engagements that
geographically, they are accessible to all; from the   may be planned. If the Grand Lodge A.F.&A.M. of
youngest to the oldest Masons in this Jurisdiction. I  Montana or I can in some way help or participate,
have asked the Grand Wardens to offer the Officers     please send an invitation of your event and I will do
of our Lodges and Members of the Craft – Masonic       my best to work into my schedule, time to allow for
S.T.E.A.K. which breaks down to Masonic - Skills,      my involvement.

Training, Education and Advanced Knowledge. I            Finally; Thank You, for the opportunity to serve as
have given the Grand Wardens twelve (12) subject       your Grand Master for this 2014-2015 Masonic Year.
areas that they are to cover with these Workshops.     Remember to Laugh, Giggle and Smile, with your
During these Workshops I have asked the Wardens        Brothers and in your Social interaction with others,
to offer breakout Sessions to the Lodge Secretaries    it will cause them to wonder and inquire as to what
and Treasurers. These Sessions will be conducted by    you are up to and want to seek out a way to be part
the Grand Treasurer and Grand Secretary so that        of what you are involved in – MASONRY.
questions may be asked and clarifications received
on anything from forms, report submissions, to the
benefits and use of the R.O.L.L.S. Program and/or
any other topics that may arise from questions asked
by the Lodge Secretaries and Treasurers.               Don Cerovski, Grand Master

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