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Daughters of the Nile News

SAPPRPHShIaRroAn FNUielNseDn,ASYapAphTirGa TAeTmEpSleADSruUmCmCeEr SS  and indeed are still being heard as well as the
                                                                       sentiment that “We should do more things like
It all began late on our last night at Supreme Session in              that.” And no, the Drummers did not chain up
Grapevine Texas. Two princesses were talking about all                 the bears (but we might have, had we thought
the fun we’d had during the week and decided that the                  of it.)
fun should continue when we got home to Helena; that
indeed, we all should be able to have fun along with the                      Sapphira Temple No. 79 and
beautiful ritual work and, well, the “work” in general, of               Algeria Shrine Center Co-Hosting
our order. Thus was born, the Sapphira Temple– Gates
of the Mountains Boat Trip.                                                          Northwest Daze
                                                                                    August 12-23, 2014

The weather was perfect on the evening of August 7,                    For the first a Nile Temple and a Shrine Temple
2013 as almost 50 Daughters of the Nile and guests                     are co-hosting Ceremonials, banquets, tours
gathered at the boat dock at the Gates where we eagerly                and a parade. August 21-23, 2014, will see
awaited the arrival of the new tour boat. We enjoyed                   Helena hosting Daughters of the Nile and Shrine
refreshments and fellowship as we floated on our way.                  Temples from the Northwest United States and
Our boat pilot, who was also our tour guide, entertained               Southwest Canada in a three day fun filled event.
and educated all along our almost two hour tour. The                   Daughters of the Nile and Shriners from
ladies and gentlemen aboard feasted on snacks, sub                     Montana will hold separate ceremonials and
sandwiches, chips, veggies, cookies, beverages and                     have joint luncheons, a parade and a banquet.
most importantly birthday cake, as we celebrated the                   A Parade of Royalty will precede the banquet
birthday of Supreme Queen Margaret Ann Risk whom                       on Saturday night followed by performances of
we were honored to have with us.                                       both Nile and Shrine Units from all Temples.
                                                                       Tours available during the three day event
Past Supreme Queens                                                    include:
Muriel Knapp and our own                                               •	 The Helena Civic Center (formerly owned
Karen D. Burk enjoyed the
trip as well. In addition to                                               by the Algeria Shrine Temple),
calm waters and beautiful                                              •	 The Historical Society Tour Train
scenery, we were treated                                               •	 State Capitol Building,
to witnessing bald eagles,                                             •	 Charlie Russell Museum and Art Gallery,
two bears feeding, Indian                                              •	 Gates of the Mountains Tour Boat, and a
paintings and so much                                                  •	 Chuck wagon dinner, with guests being
The Gates of the Mountains Boat Trip was planned                           transported to the event in a horse drawn
by the Sapphira Temple Drummers on behalf of the                           wagon.
Temple. While the evening was not intended to be                       Judy Nielsen, Queen of Sapphira Temple No. 70
a fundraiser, we did end up with a little over four                    and Rich Horton, Potentate of Algeria Shrine are
hundred dollars to put into the Temple General Fund.                   hosts for the event.
The “fun” comments from the attendees lasted for days                  For More information contact:
Page 30                                                                Nancy Fuller
                                                                       406 443 9124
                                                                       Algeria Shrine
                                                                       Dennis McSweeney
                                                                       506 594 4060
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