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Montana Freemason  July 2014	                            Volume 90 Number 2

I do better, of course, we all could. We all look upon   in the past, but we must respect it, because if we do
ourselves as belonging to a Society of Friends and       not, it will be harder to build our future.
Brothers among whom no contention should ever
exist save that noble contention, or rather emulation,     Never forget that we all represent the widows son
of who best can work and best agree. Can we all look     as a just and upright man and his progress through
into a mirror and say we do?                             life. We are all endowed with intellect and power to
                                                         carry out the designs of the Grand Master so that
  Every day we only have to look at that bastion of      finally, when our time has come we will hear those
free speech, Facebook, to see how Masons talk to one     welcome words, well done thou good and faithful
another. It is great to have a difference of opinion or  servant enter thou into the joy of thy Lord.
a disagreement but let us be realistic if some of the
things that are written were said to my face it would      Always remember, not one person ever joined
be let’s go outside and settle this man to man.          Masonry because George Washington was a Mason.
                                                         Not one person ever joined Masonry because Harry
  How many times does it have to be said, we are all     Truman was a Mason. Not one person ever joined
Masons and we are supposed to hold ourselves to a        because of any of our great Masonic heroes. Joining
higher standard not lower ourselves into the gutter.     doesn’t make you any of those people.
We do not have to hide from all this we know it goes
on so let us face it head on, let us all say enough.       Not one person ever joined in order to give a
                                                         million dollars a day to charity, or homes, or crippled
  Last summer I had the opportunity to attend the        children. You don’t have to be a member to give
Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference in Helena              money.
Montana. It was a great event, great speeches and
great company. However, are you aware that one             Not one person ever joined because our ritual
Grand Lodge attending that Conference said that we       is outstanding, or our minutes are accurate, or a
should do away with the Investigation of Candidates,     hundred other things we worry about. They don’t
let everyone in that wants to join? That is a scary      know about our ritual.
thought. After what I have seen this past year I think
the Investigation process is not strong enough. I          They joined because someone they knew and
want us to be particular in whom we allow to join        admired was a Mason. It could have been a father, a
this fraternity. Membership should be a privilege,       friend, a man down the street, or someone a thousand
not a right, it should be earned not packaged up and     miles away. Who, it didn’t matter. They admired him
given away.                                              and wanted to do the things he did, and they did
                                                         it by the millions. Want to help our growth? Be the
  I am sure everyone here could agree that our           kind of man someone admires. Someone will notice.
Federal Government could do worse than receive
a healthy dose of Masonic Leadership. What an              Remember the next time you see a Candidate at
example to our children, but we allow it to happen.      the Altar that when he removes his hoodwink he will
More often than not by our actions we encourage the      be able to reflect later that the reason everyone came
discourse.                                               was because it was ‘All about me.’

  Some 226 years ago on September 17, 1787, the US         Most Worshipful Grand Master, you are nearing
Constitution was signed. Amongst the signatories of      the end of your journey. After you have taken a
that document were at least 13 confirmed Masons or       well-deserved rest, you will realize, that unlike this
33% of the total. I wonder how they would feel looking   Oration, you will not be confined to the pages of a
down on Washington today. We all have a choice,          book on some dusty bookshelf, you have so much
conduct ourselves like the politicians of today or the   to offer this jurisdiction and guide it for many years
Masons of 1787 who signed that living testimony to       to come but I would like to thank you from the
our ideals. This is still the nation that every child    bottom of my heart for allowing me the opportunity
growing up in a slum in Calcutta, India or in some       to serve as your Orator and I trust that I have at least
village in deepest Africa aspire to come to.             lived up to your expectations.

  Brethren, there is something to be said about            So, Most Worshipful, I have lost count, but I think
our past. Our ancient landmarks have survived for        it is for the 26th but I know it is for the final time,
generations; we should all ensure that the lessons       that I thank you for allowing me to say these few
they contain will survive for generations to come.       words and enjoy the rest of your Communication.
This, however, does not mean that we have to live
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