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many speeches and has been overused to impart a          DeMolay International Presentation
responsibility to another on membership decline.                     to Grand Secretary
As a family, no one is responsible for increasing                     Trever Howard (29),
membership in the other organization; however,
including other parts of the Masonic family will           Montana DeMolay Scribe Advisor
strengthen the Masonic ties.
                                                           At the DeMolay Sweet Retreat Session in May, Sam
  Before the DeMolay initiation ceremony began,         Whitehead Executive Officer of Montana DeMolay
Brother Jacob McDonald, the State Master Councilor      confered Right Worshipful Brother Reid Gardiner as
of Montana DeMolay, asked all Master Masons who         an Honorary Member of the International Supreme
have not attended a DeMolay ceremony to stand.          Council, and presented the collar and certificate
Roughly 2/3 of the 300 Masons in attendance stood       to him. This honor requires that the individual
up. This demonstrates one of the reasons why the        be nominated and elected by the members of the
DeMolay Initiation Degree was conducted during          International Supreme Council of DeMolay.
the Annual Communication. After the initiation
ceremony was competed, all those in the room gave
a standing ovation. This impression DeMolay gave to
everyone in the room reminded me a passage from

    Prominent Masons in Kansas City were quick to          Brother Reid has been pivotal in helping Montana
  see the potential in this youth organization. They    DeMolay get their name out to hundreds of Masons
  gave support, dedicated leadership, encouragement,    across Montana. Brother Reid has worked closely
  and financial assistance. As the local chapter grew,  with the Executive Officer of Montana DeMolay,
  Masonic bodies throughout the nation caught the       Brother Sam Whitehead and the other members of
  vision of DeMolay. The idealism and youthful          the executive staff. With the help of both of these
  proficiency captured their attention and fired the    2 gentleman, Montana DeMolay is very close to
  imagination for the Masonic world as its members      achieving positive growth in 2014.
  saw age-old teachings, set forth in a Ritual not
  unlike their own ritualistic work.                       DeMolay believes that every human being has
                                                        an untold potential, and when given the safety net
    As Masonic leaders saw DeMolay for the first        for expression then thoughtful, intelligent leaders
  time, it was as if they had found a jewel placed in   emerge. As many of you know, DeMolay is great
  a new setting whose perfection must be told again     stepping stone to joining Free Masons. It gives them
  and again. They recognized a rich opportunity for     the skills, knowledge and leadership to not only be
  men to be of help to boys as they approached the      good sons and junior citizens, it shows them what it
  years of manhood. These men gave inspired talks       means to be a part of the Masonic Family.
  after they had seen the degrees. In a kind of wonder
  and a new found enthusiasm, they would begin with        Montana DeMolay and Ancient Free and Accepted
  the Preceptor stations and deliver an oration about   Masons of Montana are truly grateful for the
  each jewel of a new found Crown of Youth. (p. 48)     efforts Brother Reid has made for this great youth
  Since the membership in DeMolay is increasing, I      organization and both look forward to working with
hope we can continue to make the Masonic family         him in the years to come. Congratulations Brother
bonds even stronger than before and be proactive in     Reid.
every event. Remember, DeMolay membership does
not require a Masonic heritage to be eligible to join.                                                                     Page 23
The only requirement is to be young man between the
ages of 12-21 and have a belief in a supreme being. To
become a DeMolay advisor, you must be over 21 years
of age and become “Dad” trained. When the Masonic
ties are strong, the chances of the DeMolay member
joining lodge increased. But, making the Masonic
family stronger will take time. I hope by the DeMolay
Initiatory Degree at the Annual Communication had
made a strong and long lasting impression for the
years to come.
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