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The DeMolay perspective and impression of being        While attending the Annual Communication,
included as part of the Annual Communication.          I was able to witness from where DeMolay draws
                                                       roots of its ritualistic work. Most Worshipful Grand
   The best adventures bring new experiences           Master Thom Chisholm and every Mason in
 and learning opportunities to those that rise         attendance made the Communication a wonderful
 up to participate. I recently had the prestigious     and exciting learning experience. At almost every
 opportunity to share such an adventure with my        moment, I wondered what part of the grand
 fellow DeMolay Brothers during the 148th Annual       adventure would be next. The whole experience
 Communication of the Grand Lodge of Montana.          reinforced my belief that Montana DeMolay and
                                                       the Grand Lodge of Montana can work hand in
   During the Annual Communication, Montana            hand to produce the leaders of tomorrow, today.
 DeMolay received an abundance of support
 and recognition from the Masons of Montana.             I would like to extend an open-ended invitation to
 Support can take many different forms. Whether        any Mason who would like to attend any Montana
 it be financial support, material support, or moral   DeMolay function. Our very first Montana Masonic
 support, the support of many is needed to keep an     Youth Convention will be held on the weekend of
 organization such as The Order of DeMolay running.    October 18, 2014 in Great Falls, MT. The convention
 The Montana Masons have never failed to give          will be held in conjunction with Montana Job’s
 whatever support they could to Montana DeMolay,       Daughters. I would be thrilled to see any of the
 especially in the past few years. The participation   Masons who attended the Communication at our
 and interaction between both organizations has        convention.
 improved dramatically over the course of the
 past several years and continues to grow at a                           Justin K. Johnson
                                                                         Deputy State Master Councilor

 breathtaking rate. For the unwavering dedication        It was great to see the active DeMolay’s being
 towards preparing the leaders of tomorrow, I would    included as part of the 148th Annual Communication
 like to say a most sincere “thank you” to Montana     of the Grand Lodge of Montana in Polson, MT. From
 Masons. Thank you for the $1000 presented to          the point of view of a DeMolay advisor and a Master
 help support Montana DeMolay financially.             Mason, seeing the interaction of the fellow brethren
 Thank you for allowing Montana DeMolay to             with the active DeMolays during the Master Mason’s
 perform an initiatory degree during your Annual       banquet and the initiation ceremony in-between
 Communication, and for the thunderous applause        session was phenomenal. Being included as part of
 at the conclusion of the degree work. As well, thank  the annual communication not only helps strengthen
 you for providing moral guidance and advice to our    the Masonic family but will help it grow. From times
 brothers through your own experiences and stories.    in the past, you may have heard that the youth groups
                                                       are the future of the Masonic fraternity. I have heard
Page 22                                                this statement many times in various versions in
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