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Guest Speaker                                DistDinwguaiinsRheee“cdSeaSivreegrsev”icSeeMlkedal
  Robert L. D. Cooper, Curator
Grand Lodge AF&AM of Scotland

 M. W. Grand Master Chisholm welcomed the guest           During the 148th Annual Communication
speaker, Bob Cooper, the Curator of the Grand           Dwaine “Sarge” Selk (13) was presented the 2014
Lodge of Scotland Museum and Library. Author and        Distinguished Service Medal for eminent service
Historian.                                              to Montana Masonry.
 Bro. Bob gave two presentations: the first was during
the Friday night banquet where he provided a very          Encourage One Another
informational presentation on “The Myth of Rosslyn
Chapel”                                                   Bruce McGinnis, Grand Chaplain
The second presentation was given during the tyled
portion of Grand Lodge on “Civility, the traditional
relationship between Masons and each other and
society and the importance of how we deal with each

                                                          If you are aware of any of your brothers that are
                                                        ill or, that has passed away (or a family member),
                                                        a special anniversary or just needs a message of
                                                        support please let me know. As Grand Chaplain I
                                                        will send a note from the Grand Lodge.

                                                          As Grand Chaplain one of my duties is to
                                                        correspond with our Brothers and their families in
                                                        their time of need. I am requesting that all lodge
                                                        secretaries as well as any brother that knows of a
                                                        Brother who is ill, needs a note of cheer or especially
                                                        a word of sympathy to please contact me.

                                                          Please call me at (406) 558-9517 or send an E-Mail
                                                        to me at
                                                        or write to me at Bruce McGinnis,1612 Leslie Ave.
                                                        MT 59601. I need your help to perform the duties
                                                        of my office.

                                                        “If you want to leave your world a better place, let
                                                        others know how important they are” - J. L. Davis

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