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Grand Master Awarded                        DeMolay Legion of Honor
        DeMolay Legion of Honor                               New Recipients
  Sam Whitehead, Executive Officer
                                                      Sam Whitehead, Executive Officer
  On June 27th, 2014 during the Annual
Communication of the Grand Lodge of Montana.                              The DeMolay Legion of Honor
Most Worshipful Grand Master Thom Chisholm was                         was created in 1925 as the highest
awarded an Honorary Legion of Honor of DeMolay                         degree and honor conferred by the
by Executive Officer Sam Whitehead.                                    International Supreme Council.
                                                                       Membership in the Legion of
  Brother Thom put DeMolay, and Masonic Youth                          Honor is bestowed in Recognition
in general, at the forefront of his Grand Master                       of outstanding leadership in some
term. His appeal letter this year focused on getting                   field of endeavor, for service to
DeMolay’s name out to all Masons in Montana                            God, country or Humanity, or for
requesting that they contribute a monetary donation                    success in fraternal life as evidenced
to the order. He also appealed to Masons of Montana   in a spirit of cooperation and appreciation for the
to contribute in a physical sense to DeMolay by       Order and its ideals.
attending local chapter meetings and showing their
support to their local Masonic Youths.                   The Active Legion of Honor is conferred upon
                                                      Senior DeMolays who have reached the age of 25.
  M.W. Brother Chisholm, being a teacher, has been    Active members of the DeMolay Legion of Honor
very supportive of DeMolay across Montana. He         wear the red cordon and Legion of Honor jewel.
also allowed the State Chapter, Order of DeMolay to
attend the Grand Lodge Communication as Special          The Honorary Legion of Honor is conferred
guests, where they performed an initiation ceremony   upon Master Masons, over 30 years of age. Honorary
for 2 new DeMolay prospects.                          members of the DeMolay Legion of Honor wear
                                                      the white cordon and Legion of Honor jewel.
  It was DeMolay’s honor to award Brother Thom
with an Honorary Legion of Honor for his continued    On behalf of Montana DeMolay and DeMolay
support and dedication to such an amazing             International I would like to congratulate the
organization. We know that even though his term       following Master Masons and or Senior DeMolay
may be over, he will continue to get the name of      who have been elected to receive the Legion of
DeMolay into the mouths of Masons all across our      Honor:
great state. Thank you for all that you have done.            Active Legion of Honor
Congratulations Brother.                              Jeremy Dean Olsen 	 	     Meridian #105
                                                      Shawn Thomas Ratchford	   Helena #3	
Page 20                                               Daniel Elsworth Massey 	  Rimrock #149
                                                      Leslie A. Saisbury 		     Morning Star #5	
                                                      Donald R. Slaybaugh	      Whitefish #64
                                                      Mark A. St John           Bozeman #18
                                                      John M. Barrows		         Ottawa #51
                                                              Legion of Honor - Honorary
                                                      Thomas L. Lund, PGM	      Ionic #38
                                                      Kevin N. Olson		          Butte #22
                                                      Charles Joseph Stein	 	   Delta #128	
                                                      Thomas Earl Holman	       Mount Moriah #24
                                                      Thom Chisholm, PGM        Hot Springs #153

                                                         The Legion of Honor Investiture this year will be
                                                      held on Saturday October 18th @ 10 at the Holiday
                                                      Inn in Great Falls, Mt.

                                                         If you see any of these men congratulate them
                                                      on receiving this honor. This is a public and open
                                                      ceremony all are welcome to attend.
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