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Montana Freemason  July 2014	                                                   Volume 90 Number 2

                        63rd                          Daniel Gardiner (3)
Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference

  The 63rd Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference                                         Back in May, M.W.
was hosted by the Grand Lodge of Nevada in Reno,                                   Brother Donald Schenck
July 18-19.                                                                        stopped in to the Grand
                                                                                   Lodge office for a visit.
  During the conference the member jurisdictions                                   The two Grand Secretaries
voted to add the Grand Lodge of Nebraska as a                                      first met about ten years
member. They also extended an invitation to the                                    ago. Bro. Don is now 97
Grand Lodge of Arizona for membership in the                                       years old and he is the
Conference.                                                                        only living Past Grand
                                                                                   Secretary of Montana.
  The member jurisdictions also voted to accept
the Social Media Statement (previously published)                                    Brother Schenck served
as the Social Media Guidelines for the Conference.                                 in the US Navy as a SeaBee
Individual jurisdictions can tailor the document for  from 1942-1946. In August of 2013, like many
their use as they wish.                               Montana Veterans he had the opportunity to go
                                                      to Washington D.C. on the Big Sky Honor Flight.
  The 2015 RMMC will be held in Casper, Wyoming         He was raised as a Master Mason on August
hosted by the Grand Lodge of Wyoming. In 2016         15, 1944 (69 Years 290+ days) with Shelby Lodge
the conference will be hosted by the Grand Lodge      No. 143. He had just been elected as Junior Grand
of Idaho.                                             Steward when Grand Secretary Lyman Smith
                                                      retired and Bro. Don was asked to become Grand
  The Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference               Secretary. He served as Grand Secretary from 1972
(RMMC) was formed on February 22, 1952. Initially,    to 1982. He was elected as a Past Grand Master
It was comprised of the following Jurisdictions:      (Honorary) in 1980.
Colorado, Montana, Utah and Wyoming. The                R.W.. Brother Gardiner who also served in the
first meeting of the RMMC was held in Casper,         US Navy and is a Vietnam Veteran and M.W.
Wyoming on July 11-12, 1952. Over the years the       Brother Schenck had many stories to share both
RMMC expanded its member ship to three other          from the Navy and as Grand Secretary.
jurisdictions and now includes: Colorado, Idaho,
Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.        L -Reid Gardiner, Grand Secretary and R- Don
  The purpose of the Rocky Mountain Masonic
Conference (RMMC) is to provide a forum for
the member jurisdictions to exchange matters of
Masonic interest among our Rocky Mountain States
and to develop Masonic Education programs for our
Lodges. The RMMC is an informal gathering that
allows the presentation of information that is of a
common concern or interest.

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