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Montana Freemason  July 2014	                            Volume 90 Number 2

                   Youth Leadership Award

  The final award presented during the 148th Annual      DeMolay has led to the creation of the Theodore
Communication was the inaugural day view of the          Thomas Williams Youth Leadership Award.
Youth Leadership Award.
                                                           A likeness of this award is shown; the medal shall
                                                         be 2” in diameter, antique bronze color, suspended
                                                         by a purple neck ribbon.

                                                           Nominations shall be made by March 20th of
                                                         each year and presented to the Executive Officer
                                                         of Montana DeMolay. There shall be no more than
                                                         three medals presented in any year.

  By this award we recognize and present the first
Youth Leadership Award; through it we will honor
the recipient, proclaim his labors in support of
DeMolay and recognize his commitment and
accomplishments. Masons come from a broad range
of backgrounds and many excel in a broad range
of fields. Some of them like our honoree have lived
extraordinary lives that have inspired us, enriched
our us and our fraternity, and communities, and
have made our state and nation a better place to live.

  Ted Williams is one of the most respected
members of this fraternity. During his tenure as
Executive Officer of Montana DeMolay and after he
provided outstanding leadership and direction that
is unequaled; D. A. D Ted influenced scores of young
men of Montana DeMolay and Masons alike. A man
who takes the title of Brother as the most important
one in Masonry, a Past Master and member of the
Montana Masonic Hall of Fame.

  Last year he was inducted in the Montana State
University Engineers Hall of Fame as a testament to
his ability and service as a Professor and Chair of the
University Engineering Department.

  Brother Ted has served Montana Masonry and
DeMolay as a tremendous force for good, and we
proudly salute him for his unwavering devotion to
our Masonic Youth. His name and his deeds will
linger with an almost majestic tenderness in the
heart of his Brothers and friends and in the best and
bravest traditions of Montana.

  Recognizing the need to have an award to recognize
Masons who have substantially contributed to the
growth, development, and promotion of Montana

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