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Montana Freemason  July 2014	  Volume 90 Number 2

                                                       ERRATA SHEET
                                        Montana Standard Work - First Edition
   Instances of mistaken capitalization (or alternatively mistaken lower case) will be silently corrected in the
second edition, as the letters themselves are correct, only their case is incorrect. Likewise a missing comma,
period, or parenthesis will be silently corrected going forward as the words are still correct. These we believe
have been identified.
    (1) Page 28. The last paragraph of the charge should read: “... the rest of the community and mark your
consequence among Masons, so that the honor, glory and reputation of the institution...” and the last word
should be “effects,” not efforts. Some previously printed official monitors incorrectly printed both mistakes,
and this was inadvertently carried over.
   (2) Page 31 needs a letter “t” added.
	 The14th line should read: “Y w r o t p o a s i t s t a t w a i o t t t f,...”
   (3) Page 56 The “Declaration” needs a “p” corrected to a “t.”
	 It should read “WM I t n o G a t H S J, I d -- L N -- o i f o t s d.”
   (4) Page 65 Needs a letter “r” added.
	 The 11th line should say: “P y l k s a t f a s. Y b e. Y n r h r o t H B, s a c.”
   (5) Page 139 needs a letter “t” added, end of second paragraph.
	 It should read “...HAB, w w s j b t c o t t.”
   (6) Page 140 needs a letter “t” added, 1st sentence of the last paragraph.
	 It should read: “T t w t v o J e m h t t r:”
   (7) Page 180 needs a letter “a” added, 15th line.
	 It should read: “Q H i a n?”
   (8) Page 187, the “o” should be “n” on 14th line.
	 It should read: “Q W w y n n n c?”
   (9) Page 192, change a “t” to an “o,” 12th line.
	 It should read: “A T m p i a r o t g f o K S T; t i t, t b o etc.”
   (10) Page 218 delete the “A” on 4th line.
	 It should read: “Q A I a j a l c l o F C.”
   (11) Page 228 change a “b” to a “t,” 15th line.
	 It should read: “T i t s t etc.”
   (12) Page 229 delete a “u” on line 1.
	 It should read “A t u t p etc”
   (13) Page 260 add an “a” on 7th line up from bottom.
	 It should read: “A I w d t w w p u t W M w i o m r a h a r.”

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