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Montana Freemason                                             January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1
                                                                           Important Events

                                                           January - Feast of Sts John, Required Observance.

                                                           February  22,  2018  –  all  proposed  Resolutions,
                                                           Standing  Committee  Reports,  and  Grand  Master’s
                                                           Recommendations  which  recommend  changes  in
                                                           the  statues  or  work.  All  resolutions  relating  to  the
                                                           expenditures  of  Grand  Lodge  funds  must  include  an
                                                           evaluation of the impact of the expenditure upon Grand
                                                           Lodge fi nances and contain a recommendation relative
                                                           to how it is to be paid for.

                                                           February  - Americanism Observance, Required
                   17 Jurisdictions                        Prior to March 15 - Annual Reports due.
                   1,776 Lodges
                   165,374 Membeships                      March 23/23 - DeMolay Sweet Retreat,
                                                                                   Fairmont Hot Springs.
      Now that we have GrandView online keep in mind that
     when  you  have  question,  or  need  some  guidance  or  just  Prior to April 1st - Hall of Fame Nominations.
     need  to  know  how  to  do  something...before  you  call  the
     Grand  Lodge  Offi  ce  check  to  see  if  what  you  need  can
     be  found  at  the  GandView  website.  GrandView  provides   No Earlier than April 1 and No Later than 1st regular
     training  through  online  videos  and  regularly  scheduled  meeting in May - Lodge Elections.
     webinar training sessions.

      Simply connect to

         Montana Grand Lodge Forms and Documents

     GrandView  has  been  updated  and  has  available  for
     download the various Grand Lodge of Montana Forms and
     Documents. The various forms and documents (including
     the Master Builder Program)  used  to  be  available  at  the    Annual Communication
     Gand Lodge Website have been migrated to the “Forms”                   Feedback Form
     section of GrandView for greater ease of access.
     This  move  was  necessitated  for  greater  online  security   The  October  Issue  of  the  Montana  Freemason
     and  because  GrandView  is  a    more  fl exible  platform  to   magazine  included  a  “Survey  Form”  about  the
     include  them.  Plus  each  member  of  the  Grand  Lodge  of   Annual Communication.
     Montana  has  access  to  not  only  their  own  information
     but  now  all  the  various  forms  and  documents  and  much       If you have not already done so, please
     more all in one place. If you have not yet taken the time
     to  log into  GrandView  please  do  so  by going  to https://       complete  the  form  and  mail  it  to  the                                                   Grand  Lodge  Offi  ce.  The  survey  is
                                                                           also  available  at  the  Grand  Lodge
                                                                           Website  on  the  left  side  bar  select
                                                                          Forms. Or by logging into GrandView
                                                                          from the Member Portal, go to Grand
                                                                          Lodge Dashboard and select Forms.

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