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Montana Freemason                                             January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1
                           Greetings from the Grand Master

      The culmination of the United Grand Lodge                          Brothers, January is the time we in Montana
     of  England’s  Tercentenary  was  held  at  the                   celebrate the Feasts of the Holy Saints John.
     Royal  Albert  Hall  in  London,  on  Tuesday
     31st  October  2017.  Representing  the  Grand                      The  observance  of  Masonic  festivals,  such
     Lodge of Montana, I was delighted to attend                       as the Feasts of the Holy Sts. John is one of
     this  historic  occasion,  where  over  3,900                     the  noble  old  traditions  of  our  Craft.  The
     Freemasons  from  Provinces,  Districts,  and                     earliest  “ritual”  of  the  French  Table  Lodge
     other  Grand  Lodges  from  around  the  world                    was long and elaborate. In a modifi ed form a
     were present.                                                     similar  ceremony  was  then  used  in  England,
                                                                       The  ceremony  suggested  for  use  in  Montana
      It’s been 300 years since four lodges met at                     Lodges is greatly abbreviated and simplifi ed,
                                                                       but retains all the signifi cance of former times.
     the  Goose  and  Gridiron  Tavern  in  St  Paul’s  Jerry Anderson, MWGM
     Churchyard on St John’s Day, 24th June 1717, to establish
     the world’s fi rst Grand Lodge. In 2017, the United Grand   The Table Lodge is no mere banquet with entertainment;
     Lodge of England (UGLE) is celebrating the Tercentenary   it  is  a  special  lodge  ceremony  in  itself,  with  a  ritual,
     of this date.                                          formalities  and  a  special  terminology  which  is  of  some
                                                            interest. Particular care should be taken, therefore, to see
      The Tercentenary celebrations at the Royal Albert Hall   that the observance is conducted in the proper spirit of the
     were  the  high  point  of  a  year-long  program  of  varied   occasion, with the utmost dignity and decorum.
     events  which  have  taken  place  throughout  the  Provinces
     and  Districts.  This  gala  event  included  addresses  and   Traditionally,  Freemasonry  has  two  great  festivals,  the
     processions, professional musicians and performers and a   Feast of St. John the Baptist (June 24) and the Feast of St. John
     lavish theatrical extravaganza which showcased the history   the Evangelist (December 27).  Our Montana Constitution
     and heritage of Freemasonry.                           and Code, Section 25060. Required Observances. Annually,
                                                            every lodge shall hold the following observances: A. Holy
      The  event  was  also  live-streamed  to  wider  audiences   Saints  John  Day,  during  the  month  of  January,  excluding
     at  UGLE’s  headquarters  at  Freemasons’  Hall  in  Covent   Sunday,  which  shall  consist  of  a  tyled  table  lodge  and  a
     Garden,  London.  Around  2,000  of  those  attending  the   luncheon or dinner;”
     Royal Albert Hall then proceeded to Battersea Evolution in
     Battersea Park for the Tercentenary Dinner.             It must be remembered that a Table Lodge is a tyled Lodge
                                                            open on the Entered Apprentice degree, authorized by the
      Brigadier Willie Shackell, Grand Secretary of the United   Grand Master for a specifi c time, place and occasion. Thus,
     Grand Lodge of England, said:                          arrangements should be made for proper tyling of the dining
                                                            room throughout the Table Lodge observance. Any invited
       “2017 is a year to look forward as well as back.  guests must be Masons, and the membership of any visiting
      Throughout these 300 years, we have continued our  Brethren should be verifi ed. For a Table Lodge observance
      strong traditions of friendship, openness and charity  of the Feasts of the Holy Sts. John, it is not necessary that
      and our Tercentenary celebrations have been very much  the charter of the Lodge be moved to the dining room. The
      about highlighting the values of Freemasonry that we all  Table Lodge is a Lodge of Entered Apprentices to enable
      hold dear.”                                           the  Entered Apprentice  and  Fellow  Craft  to  benefi t  from
                                                            table instruction and to enjoy Masonic fellowship early in
       “We were delighted to be in the company of so many  his Masonic life. Also, it was an old custom that the initiates
      Freemasons from around the world at this grand event  served during the Hour of Refreshments. All the Brethren
      to mark a historical moment celebrating 300 years of  should be clothed as Entered Apprentices, and none should
      Freemasonry. I feel that our role and relevance in society  wear the   uniform or regalia of any other organization.
      today could not be stronger and we now look forward to
      our journey through the next 300 years.”               The Table Lodge should not be an occasion for getting
                                                            out a capacity crowd. By its very nature, the Festive Board
      As Grand Master of Montana, I also had the distinguished  of  Freemasonry  should  be  small  and  intimate,  thereby
     honor of being invited to the Grand Temple at Freemasons’  providing an opportunity for Masonic fellowship at its best.
     Hall on 30th October where dressed in their formal Regalia  Do not strive for size, nor for an “extravaganza” program.
     Grand Master’s were introduced to UGLE’s Grand Master,  Keep it simple, personal, unsophisticated.
     HRH The Duke of Kent. It was an honor to represent the
     Brothers of Montana.                                    If you need assistance setting up a Sts. John Table Lodge
                                                           Observance  or  need  the  ceremony  script  contact  your
                                                           District Offi  cer, they work for you and are here to help you.
     “Leadership is about submission to duty, Not elevation to   If you would like to invite me or any of the Grand Lodge
     power.”                                               Offi  cers, please let us know as soon as possible.

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