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Montana Freemason                                             January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1
     to stand for fi ne carpets of enduring quality. Their woven
     Axminster carpets are designed and made in Wilton using
     British wool, regarded as the world’s best for its blend of
     resilience and recovery. Embracing their heritage with 100-
     year old narrow loom machines, still lovingly operated to
     this very day, and celebrating innovation with a high-speed
     robotic  loom  that  gives  instant  color  switching,  we  only
     make  carpets  that  refl ect  our  passion  and  culture.  Every
     carpet  that  leaves  Wilton  has  been  expertly  made  with
     skilled hands, the embodiment of the very best in modern
     manufacturing blended with traditional craftsmanship.

      While  the  weaving  of  carpet  on  looms  began  in  the
     Wiltshire town of Wilton some 400 years ago, the Wilton
     Carpets  you  fi nd  today  was  founded  over  two  decades
     ago, in 1995, after the original company closed its doors.
     Since then, they’ve been committed to creating and making
     beautiful  woven  and  tufted  wool  carpet  for  commercial
     environments, keeping our craft and the town of Wilton’s
     long  carpet  weaving  heritage  at  our  heart.  To  this  very
     day, all of our woven carpets are made on the very same
     site as we began. They are one of Britain’s few true carpet

      There  are  more  than  60  breeds  of  British  sheep  and
     thanks  to  their  inclement  weather,  the  wool  these  hardy
     British  sheep  produce  is  bulky  and  strong;  ideal  for  use
     in  their  commercial  carpets.  British  wool  yields  a  carpet
     that  is  resilient  to  footfall  with  excellent  recovery.  The
     wool  production  really  is  just  a  sustainable  and  sensible
     way to make carpet fi ber; sheep graze peacefully without
     huge impact on their near or distant surroundings. Indeed,
     most  wool  growers  work  to  safeguard  their  environment
     and make the industry attractive and sustainable for future
     generations. When it comes to an all-round package, Wilton
     Carpets are pretty certain that British wool can’t be beaten
     and that’s why you’ll fi nd it at the heart of wool carpets
     coming from their Wiltshire factory.

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