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Montana Freemason                                             January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1

                                         THREE, FIVE AND SEVEN
                           F.  Lee Graves, Past Grand Historian, WM of Dillon Lodge No. 16
      Many  of  us  do  quite  a  bit  of  reading  of  diverse  seven levels of hell.  There are seven seas and seven
     subjects. And, as we progress in Masonry, hopefully  continents as well as seven days of the week. Genesis
     past the initiation of the three degrees by further study  tells us that God’s creation took seven days. The Hajj is
     and  reading,  we  notice  that  certain  numbers  keep  a  mandatory trip to the holy city of Mecca for Muslims
     cropping  up  again  and  again.  Over  the  past  year  or  and when there they circumambulate the Kaaba seven
     so I have kept track of the common reoccurrence of  times. The Jewish menorah or candle stand has seven
     the most common numbers we encounter in Masonry,  candles, one for each of the seven days of the week.
     three, fi ve and seven. Look at the “Stair Lecture” also  The  Genesis  saga  of  Noah’s  Ark  (the  Flood  Myth)
     called the Senior Deacon’s Lecture of the Fellow Craft  contains many references to the number seven, but I
     Degree. Three, fi ve and seven play a major part in that  will only cover a few of them here. God told Noah to
     beautiful and only required  lecture.  Let’s take a look  take in the ark seven pairs of clean animals and seven
     where else those numbers occur, and believe me I just  pairs of birds.  God warned Noah that in seven days he
     scratched the surface in fi nding them all.             would cause it to rain for forty days and forty nights
                                                            causing inundation of the  earth. At the end of the forty
      THREE-  The three main stars of Orion’s belt, Orion  days of the fl ood, there were seven days between the
     being one of our prominent constellations, are known  times Noah sent out the dove to see if he could fi nd
     to everyone. Ancient man has also noticed the three  dry land.
     equally bright stars in a straight row, and there must be
     a correlation of them to other items. The three pyramids   These are just a few instances of fi nding interesting
     of Giza seem to be set as Orion’s belt sits in the sky  references  to  the  numbers  three,  fi ve  and  seven.
     with the top star, named Mintaka, just off set to the right   Undoubtedly  if  a  person  studied  other  religions  and
     barely noticeable as the third pyramid is off set similarly  cultures,  he  would  fi nd  numerous  more.  Is  there  a
     as well. There are three major monotheistic religions  connection of the numbers, or is it just a coincidence?
     in  the  world,  Christianity,  Islam,  and  Judaism.  The  These three numbers occur so much in nature that it
     Trinity is the three godheads of the Christian religion.  stands  to  reason  they  obviously  became  important
     Hinduism has three main gods, Brahma, Vishnu, and  and at times even sacred.  Instead of google-ing for
     Shiva. In the medieval times until nearly early modern  answers like we do today, our ancestors two and three
     times, people including Christians believe in the three- thousand  years  ago  had  to  come  up  with  their  own
     decker universe: heaven, earth, and hell. There are three  theories, ideas, and myths.  And because they did, our
     grades of ancient craft Masonry, Entered Apprentice,  lives today are much richer for it.
     Fellow  Craft,  and  Master  Mason.    The  tripod  has
     three legs and is noted for its security. There are three        Lower Yellowstone Lodge #90, Sidney
     wise men (magi) bearing three gifts in the Jesus birth       recently initiated two new Entered Apprentices
     narrative in the Bible. What one of the fi rst Masonic
     exposes is called Three Distinct Knocks. Three people
     were crucifi ed on Golgotha when Jesus was crucifi ed.
     The resurrection of Jesus took three days. The last of
     the number three we will note is the priesthood in the
     old mainline Christian religions is threefold, bishops,
     priests, and deacons.

      FIVE-  There are fi ve visible planets, and that is all
     the early astronomers knew. There are fi ve orders of
     architecture as well as fi ve senses of human nature as
     we see in the Stair Lecture. Muslims are encouraged to
     pray fi ve times a day. We have fi ve fi ngers and fi ve toes
     on each appendage. And don’t forget the Pentagon.
                                                            Front Row: Russ Huotari, Pat Berka, New Entered Apprentices
      SEVEN-  There are seven main and obvious stars        Travis Rosaaen and Luke Savage, RWDGM Jeff  Harada, and
     in  the  Big  Dipper  (Ursa  Major)  which  certainly   Tom Hinds
                                                            Middle  Row:  Lance Averett,  RWGR  Pursuivant Wade  Riden,
     were  noticed  by  ancient  sky  watchers  for  centuries.   Jim Beagle, John Beagle, Don Stambaugh, Colton Moran, Kasey
     The Muslim religion has seven levels of heaven and     Noble, and Walt McNutt
                                                            Back Row:  Jon Skinner and Craig Averett
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