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Montana Freemason                                              January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1
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     publication. All photographs must be identifi ed as to who took
     the photo and the names of the individuals who may appear in   The  exterior  side  of  the  “Bronze  Doors”  leading
     the photo. E-mail all photos and articles to the address below.  into  the  Grand Temple,  Freemasons’ Hall,  London.
                                                              In 1933, each door was cast in one piece, weighing
                                                              1.25 tons and 12ft by 4 ft . Elements of the design:
                                                              Top two panels: left: the Ark brought to the Temple;
                                                              right: likewise the seven-branched candlesticks. Left
                                                              downwards: the vessels of gold and silver come from
                                                              beyond  the  desert;  the  stone  conveyed  by  oxen  to
                                                              Jerusalem; the stones hewn in the quarry and worked
                                                              and numbered by the Giblites. Right downwards: the
                                                              weaving  sheds  beyond  the  great  rivers;  the  timber
                                                              felled in the forest of Lebanon and conveyed by float
                                                              from Tyre to Joppa; the metals fused and cast in the
                                                              plains of Zeradath. Conceived and designed by Walter
                                                              Gilbert  (a  Freemason),  modeled  by  Donald  Gilbert
                                                              and bronze casting by H. H. Martyn of Cheltenham.

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