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Montana Freemason                                             January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1
      How  about  us  Brethren?  Maybe  we  can  use  this  as  a
     lesson in our Lodges. Take our future into our own hands      The Story Behind the Making
     and make good things happen.                                   of the Tercentenary Stamps

      Smile, and the whole world smiles with you…. The ball
     is in our hands. A man reaps what he sows.             The Isle of Man Post Offi  ce wanted to mark 300 years
                                                            of  Freemasonry  and  recognise  the  vast  charitable
      Let us never weary in doing good, for in time we will reap  donations made by the organizaization in the Isle of
     a harvest, do not give up…                             Man and elsewere. Having heard that Royal Mail were
                                                            not going to mark this important date, Maxine Cannon,
      Let us do good to all people. Have a nice day, unless you  head of Stamps and Coins for IOM PO met with one of
     already have other plans.                              her stamp designers, Glazier Design, a small London
                                                            design agency that had recently created the stamps for
      SORROW  looks  back,  WORRY  looks  around,  and  the  Royal  Artillery  Tercentenary.  Maxine  asked  the
     FAITH looks UP…                                        owner if he knew any Freemasons or had any contacts
                                                            in the organizations so that an approach coiuld be made.
                                                            The person she sasked just happened to be not only a
                                                            Freemason, but at the time Master of his Lodge. A brief
                                                            emal to V.W. Bro. Chris Caine led to an introduction to
                                                            W. Bro. Mike Baker, Communications Director. The
           Will a Secretary get to Heaven??                 rest is Tercentenary history.

           If a Secretary writes a letter, it is too long

             If he sends a post card, its too short.

             If he doesn’t send a notice, he’s lazy.

      If he attends a committee meeting, he’s butting in.

         If he duns a member for dues, he’s insulting.

            If he fails to collect dues, he’s slipping

            If he asks for advice, he’s incompetent.
                                                            W. Bro. Ben Glazier, , who designed the stamps and a
               If he does not, he’s bull-headed.            medallion. Ben says “We wanted to create something
                                                            of  true  beauty  that  would  appeal  to  every  Mason,
        If he writes reports complete, they’re too long.    but also to every person who sees the stamps. It was
                                                            important to us that the stamps were respectful in every
           If he condenses them, they’re incomplete         way of the traditions of our craft and represented the
                                                            amazing charitable works  Freemasonry accomplished
       If he talks on a subject, he’s trying to run things.  every year. It was an incredible honour to work with
                                                            UGLE and the Isle of Man Post Offi  ce on this project”.
              If he remains silent, he lost interest        These stamps are available to collectors and the public
                                                            and  you  can  order  them  from
                 Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.              -special sets are available, including a First Day Cover,
                                                            a special sheetlet of six stamps and framed editions.
           If others won’t do it, the Secretary must.

       The Educator magazine, March 11, 2012, By Norm McEvoy,
     Victoria Columbia Lodge No 1 -Grand Lodge of BC & Yukon.

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