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Montana Freemason                                             January 2018                                 Volume 94   Number 1

                 HOLY SAINTS JOHN                                     FROM A LODGE OF THE
                                                               HOLY SAINTS JOHN AT JERUSALEM
      In  pre-Christian  times  the  Roman  collegia  were
     wont to adopt pagan deities as patrons, and among the   Some  believe  that  the  Holy  Saints  John  belonged
     ancients,  every  temple,  altar,  statute  or  sacred  place   to a lodge that must have been in Jerusalem. By this
     was  dedicated  to  some  divinity.  When  Christianity   tradition,  all  lodges  symbolically  come  from  one  at
     came, the names of its saints were substituted for the   Jerusalem and each of us, by coming from this mythical
     old pagan gods.                                       lodge, proves that he hails from a “just and lawfully
                                                           constituted lodge” and belongs to a Lodge dedicated to
      At  one  time  the  only  patron  saint  was  Saint  John   those Saints, whose practices and precepts, teachings,
     the  Baptist,  John  the  Evangelist  being  introduced   and examples, are those all Freemasons should try to
     subsequent to the Sixteenth Century. Saint John was   follow.
     probably chosen because his teachings inculcated the
     necessity of a virtuous life. Saint John the Evangelist
     was  probably  chosen  because  of  his  constant
     admonition,  in  his  Epistles,  to  the  cultivation  of
     brotherly love, and the fact that his book (the Gospel
     of Saint John) contains all the fundamental doctrines
     of Freemasonry.

      The  Grand  Lodge  of  England  changed  their
     designation  from  King  Solomon  in  1813,  when  the
     two  Grand  Lodges  that  had  emerged  were  united.
     The  original  dedications  had  been  to  Noah  than  to
     Zerrubbal and later to Moses.

      In the Old Dedication Lectures is found the following
     questions and answers:

     Q. Why were the original lodges dedicated to John the

     A. Because he was the forerunner of our Savior and
     by repentance and humiliation drew the fi rst parallel
     of our gospel.

     Q. Had he an equal?

     A. Yes, John the Evangelist.

     Q. Why was he equal to the Baptist?

     A. Because he fi nished by his learning what the other
     began by his zeal and thus drew a second parallel to
     the former.

                                                            A scene from the musical that showcased the history and
                                                            heritage of Freemasonry, staged in Royal Albert Hall.

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